Job Search and Placement

Job placement services

For the past 20 years, Rapid Interactive Disability Management has been providing vocational rehabilitation services to insurers, employers, corporate health departments, and the legal community.

We have also worked with both large and small employers promoting health and disability management programs ensuring reduced claim duration and a safe, co-operative return to work.

We specialize in providing our clients with timely, dedicated, and professional service. One of our areas of specialization is in job placement services.

  • Labour market research
  • One on one job search skills training
  • Direct job placement assistance

Extensive experience in job recruitment and placement

Using our extensive knowledge and experience in recruitment, vocational planning and case management implementation strategies, RIDM provides timely and results oriented job search skills training and job placement assistance.

  • Vocational goal exploration
  • Research and analysis of training needs
  • Labour market research and employment trends analyses
  • Effective networking and job search skills instruction
  • Resume and cover letter preparation
  • Job interviewing skills and strategies
  • Job placement assistance

A proactive approach to job skills development

RIDM specializes in providing clients with effective one on one training in order to teach clients the necessary skills to compete in today’s competitive job market. Our personable and dedicated approach provides clients with the necessary skills, training and resources to seek employment.

Through regular and intensive follow up, and the assignment of tasks for client action, the Placement Consultant can monitor and assess the client’s commitment and motivation levels. Timely and comprehensive reports are generated and case consults with the referral source are carried out to ensure that all parties are kept abreast of any issues or developments in the case.

This pro-active, yet supportive approach by our Placement Consultants provides clients with the necessary skills to effectively job search and compete for job opportunities. By returning the client to satisfying and productive employment, the worker, employer, and funding source benefit.