Are IME Results Confidential In Saskatchewan?

Brief Overview:IME (Independent Medical Examination) results in Saskatchewan are generally considered confidential. However, there are certain circumstances where disclosure of the IME results may be required.

Answer: Yes, IME results are considered confidential in Saskatchewan.

Supporting Facts:
1. Privacy laws: The Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) in Canada protects personal information, including medical records and examination reports.
2. Consent requirement: In most cases, the examinee must provide informed consent for the release or disclosure of their IME results to third parties.
3. Exceptions to confidentiality: There may be certain situations where a court order or legal obligation requires the disclosure of IME results.
4. Insurance claims handling: Insurance companies involved in disability claims may have access to the IME results as part of their assessment process but must comply with privacy laws and maintain confidentiality.
5. Employer involvement: If an employer requests an IME for an employee, they may have access to the general findings and recommendations but not specific medical details without appropriate consent.


1. Can I request copies of my own IME report?
Yes, as the examinee, you have the right to request a copy of your own IME report from either your insurance company or employer.

2. Will my employer automatically receive a copy of my IME report?
No, your employer will only receive general findings and recommendations unless you explicitly authorize full disclosure.

3. Can I refuse consent for the release of my IME results?
In most cases, yes; however, refusing consent may impact ongoing disability claim benefits or legal proceedings related to your case.

4. Are there any exceptions when consent is not required for disclosing my IME findings?
Yes if ordered by a court’s decisionor if specifically mandated by law enforcement agencies investigating criminal activities committed duringthe examination process itself

5. Can other doctors access my previous IMEs without my knowledge?
No, other doctors or healthcare providers cannot access your IME reports without your consent.

6. Can my IME results be used against me in a legal case?
Potentially yes, if the court deems it relevant to the case; however, privacy laws still protect the disclosure of personal information.

7. How long are IME records kept on file?
IME records are typically retained for as long as required by applicable legislation and regulatory requirements, including privacy laws.

IME results in Saskatchewan are generally confidential under privacy laws. Examinees have the right to request copies of their own reports while employers and insurance companies can only receive general findings with proper authorization. However, there may be exceptions where disclosure is mandatory by law enforcement or court order.