Can An Employee In Calgary Refuse An IME?

Brief Overview:
In Calgary, an employee has the right to refuse an Independent Medical Examination (IME) under certain circumstances. However, there are important factors and limitations to consider when making this decision.


Yes, an employee in Calgary can refuse an IME. However, it is crucial to understand that refusing an IME may have consequences depending on the specific situation.

Supporting Facts:

1. Legal rights: Employees have a right to privacy and bodily integrity. This means they can choose whether or not to undergo medical examinations unless required by law.

2. Collective agreements: In some cases, collective agreements between employers and unions may outline the conditions under which employees can refuse an IME.

3. Reasonable accommodations: Employers must make reasonable accommodations for employees with disabilities or medical conditions who cannot undergo certain medical procedures.

4. Employer’s obligations: It is essential for employers to provide valid reasons for requiring an IME and explain how it relates to job requirements or insurance claims.

5. Consequences of refusal: Depending on the circumstances, refusing an IME could result in disciplinary action from the employer or potential denial of disability benefits.


1. Can my employer force me to attend an IME?
– No, your employer cannot force you without valid reasons related to your job duties or insurance claims.

2. What if I have a disability that prevents me from attending?
– Your employer should make reasonable accommodations if you have a disability that prevents you from attending.

3 . Do I need legal representation during an IME?
– It is not mandatory but having legal representation can ensure your rights are protected throughout the process.

4 . Can I be disciplined for refusing an IME?
– Depending on your employment contract and the circumstances surrounding your refusal, discipline may be possible.

5 . Will my request for refusal impact my access to disability benefits?
– If your refusal is not reasonable and there are valid concerns about your disability claims, it may impact access to benefits.

BOTTOM LINE: While employees in Calgary have the right to refuse an IME, doing so may result in consequences. It is important for employees to understand their legal rights, consider any applicable collective agreements, communicate any disabilities or limitations with their employer, and seek legal advice if necessary before making a decision.