Can An IME Be Requested For Mental Health Conditions In Calgary?

Brief Overview:Yes, an Independent Medical Examination (IME) can be requested for mental health conditions in Calgary. A comprehensive assessment conducted by a qualified healthcare professional can provide valuable insight into the individual’s condition and their ability to work.

Supporting Facts:
1. Comprehensive Evaluation: An IME for mental health conditions involves a thorough evaluation of the individual’s medical history, symptoms, and functional limitations.
2. Objective Assessment: The purpose of an IME is to provide an unbiased opinion about the nature and extent of the mental health condition, including its impact on the individual’s ability to perform job-related tasks.
3. Legal Considerations: In many cases, requesting an IME for mental health conditions may be necessary for legal purposes such as disability claims or legal disputes.
4. Expert Opinion: Mental health professionals with expertise in conducting IMEs are often involved in assessing individuals with psychiatric conditions.
5. Return-to-Work Planning: The findings from an IME can help employers develop appropriate accommodations or return-to-work plans tailored to the specific needs of employees with mental health conditions.


1. Can employers request an IME for employees’ mental health conditions?
Yes, employers have the right to request an IME if they require more information about their employees’ mental health condition and its impact on their ability to perform job duties.

2. Can insurance companies request an IME for claimants’ mental health conditions?
Yes, insurance companies may request an IME when evaluating disability claims related to mental health issues in order to determine eligibility and level of impairment.

3. Do individuals have any say in selecting the healthcare professional who conducts their IMEs?
In most cases, individuals do not have direct control over which healthcare professional performs their IMEs as it is usually arranged by employers or insurance companies.

4 . What factors should be considered when selecting a healthcare professional for conducting a Mental Health-related-IME?
It is important to choose a healthcare professional with expertise in mental health conditions and experience in conducting IMEs for accurate evaluation and assessment.

5. How long does an IME for mental health conditions typically take?
The duration of the IME can vary depending on the complexity of the case, but it generally takes several hours to conduct a thorough evaluation.

6. Can the findings from an IME be used as evidence in legal proceedings?
Yes, the findings from an IME can be used as expert evidence in legal proceedings such as disability claims or workers’ compensation cases.

7. How are accommodations determined based on the findings of an IME for mental health conditions?
Accommodations are determined through a collaborative process involving input from both employer and healthcare professionals, taking into account the recommendations provided by evaluators during the IME assessment.

In Calgary, it is possible to request an Independent Medical Examination (IME) for mental health conditions. This comprehensive evaluation conducted by qualified healthcare professionals can provide valuable insight into individuals’ mental health condition and its impact on their ability to work effectively. It is often requested by employers, insurance companies, or lawyers to gather objective information regarding psychiatric limitations for various purposes such as return-to-work planning or legal disputes related to disability claims.