Can Calgary Employers Choose The Doctor For An IME?

Brief Overview:In Calgary, employers do not have the right to choose the doctor for an Independent Medical Evaluation (IME). In Canada, including Calgary, the selection of the IME physician is typically handled by insurance companies or third-party organizations. The purpose of an IME is to obtain an unbiased evaluation of a claimant’s medical condition and provide expert opinions on matters related to disability management.

Five supporting facts:

1. Independence and objectivity: Choosing a doctor for an IME who has no prior relationship with the claimant ensures impartiality in evaluating their medical condition.
2. Fairness in assessment: Allowing employers to select IME doctors may lead to biased evaluations that favor their interests rather than accurately assessing the claimant’s condition.
3. Expertise and specialization: Insurance companies or third-party organizations have access to a vast network of experienced physicians with specialized knowledge in various fields relevant to disability assessments.
4. Procedural guidelines: The Canadian Medical Association provides guidelines for conducting IMEs, ensuring standardized practices are followed regardless of who selects the physician.
5. Legal implications: Allowing employers to choose IME doctors could potentially raise legal concerns regarding conflicts of interest and fairness in disability management processes.


1. Can my employer require me to attend an IME?
Yes, your employer can request you undergo an Independent Medical Evaluation if it is reasonably necessary for assessing your ability to work due to a workplace injury or illness.

2. Who chooses the doctor for my IME?
In most cases, either your insurance company overseeing your case or a designated third-party organization will be responsible for selecting and arranging the appointment with an appropriate physician.

3. How are IEM physicians selected?
Insurance companies often maintain networks of qualified medical professionals who specialize in specific areas related to disability claims management. They select physicians based on expertise, experience, and suitability for conducting independent evaluations.

4. What happens during an IME?
During an IME, the chosen physician will conduct a thorough evaluation of your medical condition. It may include reviewing your medical records, conducting physical examinations, and potentially ordering additional tests or consultations.

5. Can I request a different doctor for my IME?
While you do not have the authority to choose the IME doctor yourself, you can address any concerns about the selected physician’s impartiality or expertise with your insurance company or other relevant parties overseeing your claim.

6. Are IME reports confidential?
IME reports are typically shared with all involved parties in a disability management process, such as employers, insurance companies, and legal representatives. However, they should be treated as sensitive personal health information and handled securely according to privacy and confidentiality laws.

7. What if I disagree with the findings of the IME report?
If you disagree with the findings of an IME report, it is essential to discuss your concerns with your insurance company or legal representative promptly. They can help address any discrepancies through appropriate channels within their respective jurisdictions.

In Calgary and throughout Canada, employers do not have control over selecting doctors for Independent Medical Evaluations (IMEs). The responsibility lies with insurance companies or designated third-party organizations to ensure impartiality and expertise in assessing claimants’ medical conditions during disability claims processes.