Can IMEs Be Used For Pre-Employment Screenings In Nova Scotia?

Brief Overview:Imes, or Independent Medical Examinations, can be used for pre-employment screenings in Nova Scotia. This is a common practice to assess the physical and mental capabilities of job applicants before they are hired. However, there are certain rules and regulations that employers must follow when conducting Imes for this purpose.

1) Validity: Imes are recognized as a reliable method to determine an applicant’s fitness for work in Nova Scotia.
2) Job-relatedness: Imes must be directly related to the specific job requirements to ensure fair evaluation of candidates.
3) Consent: Before conducting an Ime, employers must obtain written consent from the individual being assessed.
4) Privacy protection: Employers have a duty to protect the privacy and confidentiality of any medical information obtained during an Ime.
5) Accommodations: Employers should consider making reasonable accommodations based on the recommendations provided by an Ime report.


1) Are all employers required to conduct Imes for pre-employment screenings?
No, it is not mandatory for all employers. The decision to use Imes as part of pre-employment screening is left up to each individual employer.

2) Can an employee refuse to undergo an IME for pre-employment screening purposes?
Yes, employees have the right to refuse undergoing an IME. However, this may result in their disqualification from consideration for employment.

3) Who pays for the cost of an IME conducted during pre-employment screening?
In most cases, the employer is responsible for covering the costs associated with conducting an IME.

4) Are there any limitations or restrictions on what can be asked during an IME conducted for pre-employment screenings?
The questions asked during an IME should only pertain specifically to evaluating if individuals meet job-related qualifications. Any irrelevant or discriminatory questions are prohibited.

5) Can individuals request a copy of their IME report after it has been conducted?
Yes, individuals have the right to request a copy of their IME report. However, they may need to pay for any associated costs.

6) Can an employer use information obtained during an IME for other purposes besides pre-employment screenings?
No, the information obtained during an IME should only be used for the purpose it was intended – pre-employment screening. Any other use without proper consent is not allowed.

7) What should applicants do if they believe their rights were violated during a pre-employment IME in Nova Scotia?
Applicants who believe their rights were violated during an Ime can seek legal advice and file a complaint with the appropriate regulatory authorities or human rights commissions.

Imes can be used for pre-employment screenings in Nova Scotia, but employers must adhere to certain guidelines regarding validity, job-relatedness, consent, privacy protection, and accommodations. Employees have the right to refuse undergoing an Ime but this may affect their chances of being employed by that particular company.