Functional Abilities Evaluation Durham

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Quick Overview:
A Functional Abilities Evaluation (FAE) is an assessment conducted by a qualified healthcare professional to determine an individual’s physical and functional abilities in relation to their job requirements. This evaluation helps employers, insurance companies, and the legal community make informed decisions regarding disability management and return-to-work plans.

Answer to the question: What is a Functional Abilities Evaluation?

1. Purpose: A FAE assesses an individual’s capacity for work-related tasks based on their physical abilities, endurance, mobility, coordination, and other factors.
2. Job-specific: The evaluation takes into account the specific demands of the person’s job or occupation.
3. Objective measures: It utilizes standardized tests and measurements to ensure consistency and reliability in assessing functional abilities.
4. Multidisciplinary approach: FAEs are typically conducted by healthcare professionals such as physiotherapists or occupational therapists who have expertise in evaluating physical capabilities.
5. Evidence-based decision-making: The results of a FAE provide objective information that can be used to develop appropriate accommodation plans or determine eligibility for benefits.


1. Is a Functional Abilities Evaluation mandatory?
– The requirement for a FAE may vary depending on jurisdiction and specific circumstances such as workplace injuries or disability claims.

2. Who pays for a Functional Abilities Evaluation?
– In most cases, the party requesting the assessment (employer, insurance company) bears the cost of conducting a FAE.

3. How long does a Functional Abilities Evaluation take?
– The duration can range from several hours to multiple days depending on various factors including complexity of job tasks being assessed.

4. Can I challenge the results of a Functional Abilities Evaluation?
– Yes, if you believe there are inaccuracies or inconsistencies in the evaluation process or findings, you may request further review or appeal through appropriate channels.

5. Are there any legal implications associated with conducting a Functional Abilities Evaluation?
– Yes, it is important to ensure that the evaluation process adheres to legal requirements, including privacy regulations and human rights legislation.

6. Can a Functional Abilities Evaluation be used as evidence in a legal proceeding?
– Yes, the results of a FAE can be considered as objective evidence in disability claims or workplace accommodation disputes.

7. Are there any limitations to what a Functional Abilities Evaluation can assess?
– While FAEs focus on physical abilities, they may not fully capture cognitive or psychological aspects that could also impact an individual’s work capacity.

A Functional Abilities Evaluation is an essential tool for assessing an individual’s physical capabilities in relation to their job requirements. It provides objective information for making informed decisions regarding disability management and return-to-work plans. However, it is crucial to consider jurisdiction-specific regulations and ensure adherence to legal requirements when conducting these evaluations.