Functional Abilities Form Non Work Related

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Quick Overview:
A Functional Abilities Form (FAF) is a tool used to assess an individual’s functional abilities in non-work related activities. It helps determine the level of support and accommodations needed for individuals with disabilities or impairments. Here are five key facts about FAF:

1. Purpose: The primary purpose of a FAF is to gather information about an individual’s functional limitations and abilities outside of the workplace. This information is crucial for developing appropriate accommodation plans and determining eligibility for disability benefits.

2. Assessment Process: A trained healthcare professional, such as a physician or occupational therapist, typically completes the FAF assessment. They evaluate various domains, including mobility, self-care, communication, interpersonal skills, and more.

3. Importance of Accuracy: It is essential to provide accurate and detailed information on the FAF form to ensure proper evaluation and decision-making regarding disability management services or benefits eligibility.

4. Jurisdictional Differences: Different jurisdictions may have specific guidelines or requirements when it comes to completing a FAF form. These may include variations in terminology, format, or additional questions based on regional regulations.

5. Confidentiality: All information provided on the FAF form should be handled with strict confidentiality according to privacy laws and regulations in place within each jurisdiction.


1. Who needs to complete a Functional Abilities Form?
– Individuals who require disability management services or need accommodations due to disabilities or impairments usually complete this form.

2. Can I fill out the Functional Abilities Form by myself?
– No, it must be completed by a qualified healthcare professional who has assessed your functional abilities accurately.

3. What happens after submitting a completed Functional Abilities Form?
– The submitted form will be reviewed by relevant parties involved in disability management processes like employers/insurers/legal representatives who will use it for decision-making purposes.

4a.Can my employer access my Functional Abilities Form without my consent?
b.What are the privacy laws regarding access to my Functional Abilities Form?
– Privacy laws differ by jurisdiction, but generally, employers can only access your FAF form with your consent or when required for specific legal purposes.

5. How long is a Functional Abilities Form valid?
– The validity period of a FAF may vary depending on jurisdiction and circumstances. It’s best to consult with relevant authorities or disability management professionals for accurate information.

Functional Abilities Forms play a crucial role in assessing an individual’s functional limitations and abilities outside of the workplace. Completing this form accurately and providing detailed information is essential for proper evaluation and decision-making related to disability management services or benefits eligibility. Understanding the jurisdictional differences and ensuring confidentiality are also important aspects to consider when dealing with Functional Abilities Forms.