Functional Abilities Questionnaire

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Functional Abilities Questionnaire

Quick Overview:
A Functional Abilities Questionnaire (FAQ) is a tool used to assess an individual’s ability to perform various tasks and activities in the workplace. It provides valuable information about an individual’s functional limitations and restrictions, which can be used to determine their eligibility for disability benefits or accommodations.

5 Supporting Facts:
1. Comprehensive Assessment: The FAQ covers a wide range of functional areas, including physical abilities, cognitive skills, communication abilities, and social interactions.
2. Objective Evaluation: The questionnaire uses standardized measures and scoring criteria to ensure consistency and objectivity in assessing an individual’s functional abilities.
3. Legal Compliance: The use of a FAQ helps employers comply with legal requirements related to accommodating employees with disabilities under human rights legislation.
4. Disability Management Tool: The information gathered from the FAQ can guide the development of appropriate return-to-work plans or accommodation strategies tailored to the individual’s specific needs.
5. Expert Guidance: Conducting a FAQ assessment should ideally be done by trained professionals who have expertise in disability management and are familiar with jurisdiction-specific regulations.


1. Is it mandatory for employers to use a Functional Abilities Questionnaire?
– While not mandatory in all jurisdictions, using a FAQ is highly recommended as it provides objective evidence regarding an employee’s functional limitations.

2. Can employees refuse to participate in completing a Functional Abilities Questionnaire?
– Employees may have concerns about privacy or disclosure of personal medical information; however, participation can often be required if there is reasonable cause or legitimate business reasons.

3. How should employers handle confidential medical information obtained through the questionnaire?
– Employers must handle this information with utmost care and ensure compliance with privacy laws by keeping it strictly confidential and limiting access only to those involved in accommodation decisions.

4. What happens if there are discrepancies between the employee’s self-assessment on the questionnaire and other medical reports?
– In such cases, further assessments or consultations with healthcare professionals may be necessary to reconcile the discrepancies and obtain a more accurate understanding of the employee’s functional abilities.

5. Can an employer use the Functional Abilities Questionnaire as a basis for terminating an employee?
– No, using the FAQ solely as grounds for termination would likely be considered discriminatory under human rights legislation. The questionnaire should primarily serve as a tool for accommodation and return-to-work planning.

6. Are there any legal requirements regarding how frequently a Functional Abilities Questionnaire should be conducted?
– Legal requirements vary by jurisdiction, but generally, it is recommended to conduct assessments when there are significant changes in an employee’s health status or job duties that may impact their functional abilities.

7. What if an employee disagrees with the results of their Functional Abilities Questionnaire assessment?
– Employees have the right to request further clarification or provide additional information supporting their disagreement. Employers should consider this feedback and reassess if warranted.

A Functional Abilities Questionnaire is a valuable tool in assessing employees’ functional limitations and restrictions in order to determine appropriate accommodations or disability benefits eligibility. It helps employers comply with legal obligations while ensuring fair treatment of individuals with disabilities in the workplace.