Functional Abilities Recruitment Evaluation

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Quick Overview:
The Functional Abilities Recruitment Evaluation (FARE) is a comprehensive assessment tool used to evaluate an individual’s functional abilities in relation to specific job requirements. It helps employers make informed decisions during the recruitment process and ensures that candidates are matched with suitable positions.


The FARE provides valuable insights into a candidate’s ability to perform essential job functions by assessing their physical, cognitive, and psychosocial capacities. Here are five supporting facts about the FARE:

1. Objective Assessment: The FARE utilizes standardized tests and measures to objectively assess an individual’s functional abilities, eliminating subjective biases often associated with traditional hiring methods.

2. Job-Specific Analysis: The evaluation is tailored to match the specific demands of each position, ensuring that candidates are assessed based on their ability to meet the unique requirements of the role.

3. Legal Compliance: By using a validated assessment tool like the FARE, employers can demonstrate compliance with relevant legislation such as human rights laws and accessibility standards.

4. Informed Decision-Making: The detailed report generated from the evaluation equips employers with objective information about a candidate’s capabilities, enabling them to make informed decisions regarding employment offers or accommodations if necessary.

5. Cost-Effective Solution: Investing in a thorough assessment like the FARE upfront can help prevent costly hiring mistakes or workplace accidents down the line by ensuring candidates’ suitability for specific roles.


1. Is it mandatory for all employers to use the FARE?
– No, it is not mandatory; however, utilizing tools like the FARE can significantly enhance your recruitment process and ensure fair assessments of candidates’ abilities.

2. Are there any legal implications if we do not use an objective assessment tool like this?
– While there may not be direct legal implications for not using an objective assessment tool like the FARE, it could leave room for potential discrimination claims if selection decisions are perceived as unfair or biased.

3. Can the FARE be used for all types of jobs?
– Yes, the FARE can be customized to assess functional abilities for a wide range of job positions across various industries.

4. How long does the evaluation process take?
– The duration of the evaluation depends on factors such as the complexity of the job requirements and the specific tests administered. On average, it may take a few hours to complete.

5. Who administers and interprets the FARE results?
– Trained professionals, such as occupational therapists or disability management specialists, administer and interpret the FARE results accurately.

6. Is there any additional training required for employers using this assessment tool?
– Employers may benefit from training sessions or workshops to understand how to effectively use and interpret FARE results in their recruitment processes.

7. Can candidates request accommodations during the evaluation process?
– Yes, candidates with disabilities are entitled to reasonable accommodations during evaluations like these if they require them to demonstrate their true functional abilities.

The Functional Abilities Recruitment Evaluation (FARE) is a valuable tool that helps employers make informed decisions about candidate suitability based on objective assessments of functional abilities. It ensures fair evaluations while complying with legal requirements and can save costs associated with hiring mistakes or workplace accidents in the long run.