How Do IMEs Impact Employee Privacy Rights In Saskatchewan?

Brief Overview:When it comes to Independent Medical Examinations (IMEs) in Saskatchewan, employee privacy rights are a significant concern. IMEs can have an impact on the privacy of employees, as personal and confidential information is often shared during these assessments. It’s crucial for both employers and employees to understand their rights and obligations when it comes to IMEs.


IMEs can impact employee privacy rights in Saskatchewan in the following ways:

1. Sharing personal medical information: During an IME, employees may be required to share personal medical information with the examining physician. This could include details about their health history, current conditions, medications, and treatment plans.

2. Consent issues: Employers must obtain proper consent from employees before conducting an IME that involves sharing personal medical information. Employees have the right to refuse or provide limited consent for specific information disclosure.

3. Access by third parties: Personal medical information obtained through an IME may be accessed by various parties involved in disability management processes, such as insurance companies or legal professionals. These parties need access to relevant information but should handle it responsibly and protect confidentiality.

4. Storage and retention of records: Proper storage and retention practices must be followed regarding all records related to IMEs conducted on employees in Saskatchewan. This includes ensuring secure electronic storage systems or locked physical filing cabinets.

5. Privacy legislation compliance: Employers conducting IMEs must comply with applicable provincial privacy legislation, including The Health Information Protection Act (HIPA), which governs how personal health information is collected, used, disclosed, stored, and destroyed.


Q1: Can my employer force me to attend an IME?
A1: Yes, your employer has the right to request you attend an IME if there is a legitimate reason related to your employment or benefits entitlement.

Q2: Do I have any control over what medical information is shared during an IME?
A2: While you cannot dictate what information the examining physician records, you can discuss any concerns or limitations with the examiner before the assessment.

Q3: Who has access to my IME report?
A3: The IME report may be shared with your employer, insurance company, legal representatives involved in a claim or dispute, and other relevant parties. However, proper privacy safeguards should be in place.

Q4: Can I request a copy of my IME report?
A4: Generally, you have the right to request a copy of your IME report. However, there may be exceptional circumstances where access is limited or denied under privacy legislation.

Q5: How long are IME reports kept on file?
A5: The retention period for IME reports may vary depending on provincial regulations and organization policies. It’s essential to consult applicable guidelines for accurate information.


IMEs have implications for employee privacy rights in Saskatchewan. While employers have the authority to require employees to attend these assessments when necessary, it’s important that personal medical information is handled confidentially and shared only as required by law. Employees should understand their rights related to consent and accessing their own medical information from an IME. Compliance with privacy legislation is crucial for all parties involved in conducting and using these assessments.