How Does A Bc Employer Request An Ime?

Quick Overview:An employer in British Columbia (BC) can request an Independent Medical Examination (IME) by following a few simple steps. This process involves contacting a reputable IME provider, providing relevant information about the employee and their condition, scheduling the examination, and ensuring compliance with legal requirements.

Answer to the question: How does a BC employer request an IME?

1. Contact an IME Provider: The first step is to reach out to a trusted IME provider in BC who offers comprehensive assessment and disability management services.
2. Provide Employee Information: Furnish necessary details about the employee requiring the examination, including their name, contact information, job position, medical history if available, and any specific concerns or questions you may have.
3. Share Relevant Documentation: Submit any pertinent documents related to the employee’s injury or illness that would help assess their condition accurately during the IME.
4. Schedule the Examination: Coordinate with both your organization and the IME provider to find a suitable date and time for conducting the exam while considering all parties’ availability.
5. Ensure Legal Compliance: Familiarize yourself with applicable laws regarding privacy regulations and consent requirements before proceeding with requesting an IME.


Q1. Can I request an IME without informing my employee?
A1. In most cases, it is advisable to inform your employee about your intention to seek an independent medical evaluation as transparency fosters trust within workplace relationships.

Q2. What if my employee refuses to attend an IME?
A2. If your employee refuses without valid reasons or fails to cooperate unreasonably after repeated attempts at rescheduling, you may consult legal counsel for guidance on how best to proceed.

Q3. Are there any limitations on how many times I can request an IME for one individual?
A3. While there are no specific restrictions imposed by law in BC regarding multiple requests for an IME concerning one person’s condition, it is essential to exercise discretion and reasonableness.

Q4. Can I request a specific healthcare professional for the IME?
A4. Employers generally have the right to suggest preferred healthcare professionals or provide input on their selection, but ultimately, the choice lies with the IME provider based on availability and expertise.

Q5. How long does an IME report take to be completed?
A5. The timeframe for completing an IME report can vary depending on several factors such as the complexity of the case, scheduling availability of all parties involved, and any additional tests required. It is best to consult with your chosen IME provider for estimated timelines.

Q6. What happens after receiving the IME report?
A6. Once you receive the final report from the IME provider, carefully review its contents and discuss relevant findings with legal counsel or other appropriate stakeholders within your organization to determine next steps.

Q7. Can an employee challenge or dispute an IME report’s findings?
A7. Yes, employees have recourse options if they disagree with an independent medical evaluation’s conclusions; this may involve seeking a second opinion or raising concerns through appropriate channels within their organization.

To request an Independent Medical Examination (IME) in BC as an employer: contact a reputable IME provider, provide necessary employee information and documentation, schedule the examination collaboratively while ensuring compliance with legal requirements regarding privacy regulations and consent. Transparency with employees throughout this process is crucial for maintaining positive workplace relationships