What Are Ontario Employees’ Options If They Disagree With Ime Results?

Quick Overview:When Ontario employees disagree with the results of an Independent Medical Examination (IME), they have several options available to them. These options include seeking a second opinion, filing a complaint, requesting a review, appealing the decision, or pursuing legal action.

Supporting Facts:
1. Seek a Second Opinion: Employees have the right to obtain another medical opinion from a different healthcare professional of their choice.
2. File a Complaint: If an employee believes that the IME was conducted improperly or unfairly, they can file a complaint with the appropriate regulatory body.
3. Request a Review: In some cases, employees may be able to request a review of the IME report by submitting additional medical evidence or documentation supporting their disagreement.
4. Appeal the Decision: Employees can appeal the decision based on grounds such as procedural errors or substantial new evidence that was not considered during the initial assessment.
5. Pursue Legal Action: If all other avenues are exhausted and an employee still disagrees with the IME results, they may choose to pursue legal action through litigation or mediation.


1. Can I choose my own healthcare professional for a second opinion?
– Yes, you have every right to select your preferred healthcare professional for obtaining another opinion.

2. How do I file a complaint regarding an unfair IME?
– You can contact your provincial regulatory body responsible for overseeing independent assessments and follow their specific guidelines for filing complaints.

3. What happens after I request a review of my IME report?
– The reviewing authority will assess your request and consider any additional medical evidence provided before making its determination.

4. What are some valid grounds for appealing an IME decision?
– Valid grounds could include procedural errors in conducting the examination or presenting substantial new evidence that was previously unavailable during assessment.

5. How long does it take to resolve disputes related to IMEs through legal action?
– The duration varies depending on the complexity of the case and court availability, but it can often take several months to years.

6. Can I continue receiving benefits while disputing IME results?
– Generally, employees are entitled to continue receiving benefits until a final decision is reached or their claim is resolved.

7. Is there a time limit for initiating legal action against an unfair IME?
– Yes, there are specific limitations periods within which you must initiate legal action. It is advisable to consult with a lawyer to understand your rights and obligations.

Ontario employees have options if they disagree with IME results, including seeking a second opinion, filing complaints or requests for review, appealing decisions based on valid grounds, or pursuing legal action. It’s important to understand the specific procedures and timelines involved in each option and seek professional advice when necessary.