What Is An Independent Medical Evaluation (IME) In Calgary?

Brief Overview:An Independent Medical Evaluation (IME) in Calgary is a process where a neutral and independent medical professional assesses an individual’s medical condition, treatment, and abilities to provide an objective opinion. This evaluation is often requested by employers, insurance companies, or the legal community to gather unbiased information regarding disability claims or return-to-work potential.

Five Supporting Facts:
1. Objective assessment: IMEs are conducted by experienced medical professionals who are not involved in the patient’s ongoing care. They evaluate the individual’s medical records, conduct a physical examination if necessary, and provide an impartial report based on their findings.
2. Expert opinion: IME reports can help employers, insurance companies, and courts make informed decisions related to disability management or legal disputes by considering expert recommendations.
3. Treatment planning: IMEs may also assist in identifying appropriate treatment plans or interventions that could facilitate an individual’s recovery or improve their functional capacity.
4. Timely evaluations: An IME typically occurs when there is uncertainty about the accuracy of previous diagnoses or treatment plans and requires a fresh perspective from another healthcare provider.
5. Collaboration with stakeholders: The results of an IME can facilitate productive discussions between various parties involved in disability management while ensuring fairness throughout the process.


1. Who requests an IME?
– Employers, insurance companies underwriting long-term disability policies/cases, lawyers representing either party in legal claims involving personal injury cases may request for it.

2. Can I choose my own evaluator?
– Usually not directly as most evaluators are selected through third-party organizations like Rapid Interactive Disability Management (RIDM). However,you may have input into choosing someone compatible based on your concerns within reasonable limits.

3. Will this require traveling to Calgary?
– It depends on logistical considerations for both you and the evaluator chosen for your case; however,RIDM offers nationwide services with extensive network presence which minimizes travel requirements.

4. What can I expect during an IME?
– You may have to provide a detailed medical history, undergo a physical examination, or bring relevant medical documentation. The evaluator will ask questions regarding your condition and may conduct various tests if necessary.

5. Can I bring someone with me for support during the IME?
– In most cases, you are allowed to have someone accompany you as long as they do not interfere with the evaluation process or disclose confidential information without permission.

6. How long does it take to receive the IME report?
– The timeline varies based on several factors such as the complexity of your case, accessibility of medical records, and the workload of the evaluator. Generally, it takes anywhere from a few weeks to a couple of months.

7. Can I dispute the findings in an IME report?
– If you disagree with any aspect of an IME report’s conclusions or recommendations, you can provide additional evidence supporting your position and submit it to those responsible for making decisions based on that report.
An Independent Medical Evaluation (IME) in Calgary is an impartial assessment performed by objective healthcare professionals who are not involved in ongoing patient care. It serves employers, insurance companies, and legal parties by providing expert opinions on disability claims while ensuring fairness throughout the process. RIDM offers nationwide services that minimize travel requirements for individuals seeking this evaluation.