What Is The Process Of Conducting An IME In Calgary?

Conducting an Independent Medical Examination (IME) in Calgary involves a structured process that ensures fairness, objectivity, and transparency. This process is aimed at gathering accurate information about an individual’s medical condition to determine their ability to work or eligibility for disability benefits.


The process of conducting an IME in Calgary includes the following key steps:

1. Referral: The first step is the referral of the individual for an IME by their employer, insurance company, or legal representative.
2. Selection: A qualified and independent medical professional is selected based on their expertise relevant to the specific case.
3. Scheduling: An appointment is scheduled between the examinee and the appointed medical professional at a suitable location, such as a clinic or hospital in Calgary.
4. Assessment: During the examination, the medical professional thoroughly reviews all available medical records related to the person’s condition and conducts various tests or evaluations as necessary.
5. Report Preparation: Following the assessment, a detailed report summarizing all findings and conclusions is prepared by the examining physician.


1. Why might someone be referred for an IME?
– Someone may be referred for an IME if there are concerns regarding their ability to work due to a claimed impairment or disability.

2. Can individuals choose their own examining physician?
– No, individuals do not have control over which physician will conduct their IME; it is determined by those referring them for assessment.

3. Who pays for an IME in Calgary?
– Usually, employers or insurance companies cover the cost of conducting an IME unless specified otherwise within any contractual agreements.

4. How long does it typically take to schedule an IME appointment?
– The time required can vary depending on factors such as availability of both parties involved and urgency of scheduling; it usually takes several weeks from referral.

5 Do examinees need to provide any documents or information?
– Examinees should bring all relevant medical records, test results, and any other documentation related to their condition for the examining physician’s review.

6. Can an examinee have someone accompany them during the IME?
– In general, it is up to the discretion of the examining physician whether they allow a support person to be present during the examination.

7. How long does it take to receive a copy of the IME report?
– Following completion of the assessment, it typically takes several weeks for the report to be finalized, after which copies are provided to relevant parties.


Conducting an Independent Medical Examination in Calgary involves a carefully structured process that ensures fairness and accuracy in assessing an individual’s medical condition. It aims at providing objective information regarding work ability or eligibility for disability benefits.