Billing Code For Functional Abilities Form Bc

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Quick Overview:

The billing code for the Functional Abilities Form (FAF) in British Columbia is a crucial aspect of disability management services. This code ensures accurate and efficient processing of claims related to functional assessments. Here are five important facts about the billing code for FAF in BC:

1. Purpose: The billing code for FAF enables healthcare professionals, such as occupational therapists or physiotherapists, to bill insurance companies or employers for conducting functional assessments.

2. Code Description: In British Columbia, the specific billing code associated with the FAF is 03.11A – “Functional Abilities Evaluation – Initial Assessment.”

3. Fee Schedule: The fee schedule for this billing code varies depending on factors such as location and service provider’s qualifications. It is essential to consult the applicable fee schedule provided by each insurance company or employer.

4. Eligibility Criteria: To be eligible for reimbursement under this billing code, healthcare professionals must adhere to certain guidelines outlined by regulatory bodies and insurers.

5. Documentation Requirements: Proper documentation supporting the need for a functional assessment must accompany any claim submitted using this billing code.


Q1: Can any healthcare professional use the FAF billing code?
A1: No, only qualified healthcare professionals like occupational therapists or physiotherapists can use this specific billing code.

Q2: How do I find out the exact fee amount associated with this coding?
A2: Each insurer or employer may have their own fee schedules that outline payment rates based on location and service provider qualifications.

Q3: Are there any limitations on how many times one can bill using this coding?
A3: There might be restrictions on frequency limits imposed by insurers or employers regarding how often you can bill under this specific coding.

Q4: What happens if my claim gets rejected when using the FAF billing code?
A4: If your claim is rejected, it is advisable to review your documentation and ensure it meets the required criteria. You may need to resubmit with additional information or appeal the decision.

Q5: Is there a specific format for documentation accompanying claims under this billing code?
A5: While there might not be a standardized format, it is crucial to include comprehensive and accurate documentation that supports the necessity of conducting a functional assessment.

Q6: Can I bill using this coding if I am an independent healthcare professional?
A6: Yes, independent healthcare professionals can use this coding as long as they meet the eligibility criteria and adhere to regulatory guidelines.

Q7: Are there any other codes related to functional assessments in BC?
A7: Yes, British Columbia has additional billing codes for subsequent assessments or re-evaluations after the initial evaluation. These codes allow for ongoing monitoring of an individual’s functional abilities.


The billing code 03.11A is essential when submitting claims for Functional Abilities Form (FAF) assessments in British Columbia. Healthcare professionals must ensure their eligibility, proper documentation, and adherence to regulatory guidelines while utilizing this code. Familiarizing oneself with insurer-specific fee schedules and understanding any limitations associated with frequency of billing will contribute to successful claim processing.