Can An Newfoundland And Labrador Employer Request A Second IME If They Disagree With The First?

Brief Overview:In Newfoundland and Labrador, an employer has the right to request a second Independent Medical Examination (IME) if they disagree with the findings of the first IME. However, there are certain factors that need to be considered in this process.

Yes, a Newfoundland and Labrador employer can request a second IME if they disagree with the first one. Here are five supporting facts:

1. Right to seek additional medical opinions: Employers have the right to seek additional medical opinions when it comes to assessing an employee’s disability or fitness for work.
2. Disagreement with findings: If an employer disagrees with the findings of the first IME, they may want to obtain another opinion from a different medical professional.
3. Ensuring fairness and accuracy: Requesting a second IME helps ensure fairness in assessing an employee’s condition and prevents any potential bias or errors in the initial assessment.
4. Cost implications: The cost of conducting multiple IMEs should be taken into account by employers before requesting a second examination.
5. Legal considerations: In cases where legal action is involved, having multiple expert opinions can strengthen their position during litigation.


1. Can an employer force an employee to undergo multiple IMEs?
No, employers cannot force employees to undergo multiple IMEs against their will unless mandated by law or employment contract.

2. Who pays for the second IME?
The party requesting the second IME is typically responsible for covering its costs unless otherwise specified in collective agreements or insurance policies.

3. Are there any time limits for requesting a second IME?
There may not be specific time limits set by legislation; however, it is advisable for employers to request a second opinion within reasonable timeframes after receiving results from the first examination.

4. What happens if there are conflicting results between two independent assessments?
Conflicting results may require further investigation or mediation between parties involved in order to reach consensus on the employee’s condition and ability to work.

5. Can an employer use the second IME to override the first one?
While a second IME can provide additional information, it does not automatically invalidate or override the findings of the first examination. The weight given to each assessment will depend on various factors such as credibility, expertise, and supporting evidence.

6. Can employees challenge multiple IMEs requested by their employer?
Employees have the right to challenge multiple IMEs if they believe it is excessive or unnecessary. They may seek legal advice or file a complaint with relevant authorities if they feel their rights are being violated.

7. Are there any limitations on how many times an employer can request an IME?
There are no specific limitations set by legislation regarding how many times an employer can request an IME. However, employers should exercise caution and ensure that their requests are reasonable and justified in order to avoid potential disputes or legal challenges.

In Newfoundland and Labrador, employers have the right to request a second Independent Medical Examination (IME) if they disagree with the findings of the initial assessment. However, this should be done within reasonable timeframes and taking into consideration factors such as cost implications and fairness in assessing an employee’s condition. Employees also have rights in challenging excessive or unnecessary multiple IMEs requested by their employers.