Can IME Findings Influence Employee Benefits Decisions In Quebec?

The Quick Answer:IME findings can influence employee benefits decisions in Quebec.

Supporting Facts:
1. IME stands for Independent Medical Examination, which is a process where an employee undergoes a medical assessment by a healthcare professional chosen by the employer or insurance company.
2. The purpose of an IME is to gather objective and unbiased medical information about the employee’s condition, limitations, and ability to work.
3. In Quebec, employers and insurance companies often rely on IME findings to make decisions regarding employee benefits such as disability claims or return-to-work plans.
4. IME findings provide valuable medical evidence that can help determine the extent of an employee’s disability and their eligibility for certain benefits.
5. While not conclusive on their own, IME findings are considered alongside other relevant factors when making benefit decisions in Quebec.


1. Can an employer or insurance company require an employee to undergo an IME in Quebec?
Yes, under certain circumstances, employers and insurance companies have the right to request that employees undergo an IME as part of the benefit decision-making process.

2. Who chooses the healthcare professional for conducting the IME?
In most cases, it is up to the employer or insurance company to select a qualified healthcare professional who specializes in assessing specific types of injuries or conditions relevant to the case.

3. Are employees obligated to attend an IME appointment?
Yes, employees are generally required by law to attend scheduled appointments for independent medical examinations if requested by their employer or insurer.

4. How are confidentiality and privacy protected during an IME?
Healthcare professionals conducting independent medical examinations must adhere to strict privacy regulations outlined in provincial legislation like An Act Respecting Access To Documents Held By Public Bodies And The Protection Of Personal Information (Quebec).

5. Can employees challenge the results of an IME in Quebec?
Yes, employees have options available if they disagree with the conclusions drawn from their independent medical examination report. They can seek a second opinion from another healthcare professional or request a review of the IME process.

6. Are IME findings the sole determining factor in benefit decisions?
No, while IME findings play an important role, they are not the only factor considered when making benefit decisions in Quebec. Other factors such as medical records, work history, and input from treating physicians may also be taken into account.

7. What if there is a disagreement between the employer/insurer and employee regarding the IME findings?
In case of disagreements, it is recommended that parties try to resolve their differences through negotiation or alternative dispute resolution methods like mediation. If necessary, employees have the right to pursue legal action to challenge benefit decisions based on IME findings.

IME findings can significantly influence employee benefits decisions in Quebec. Employers and insurance companies often rely on these independent medical assessments to gather objective information about an employee’s condition and make informed choices regarding disability claims or return-to-work plans. However, it is essential for employers and insurers to consider other relevant factors alongside IME findings when making benefit decisions in order to ensure fairness and accuracy.