Can IMEs Be Used For Pre-Employment Screenings In Calgary?

Brief Overview:Imes, or independent medical evaluations, can be used for pre-employment screenings in Calgary. An Ime is a thorough assessment conducted by a qualified healthcare professional to evaluate an individual’s medical condition and overall physical capabilities. It provides objective information that can help employers make informed decisions regarding the suitability of potential employees for specific job roles.

Supporting Facts:
1. Objective Assessment: Imes are conducted by neutral healthcare professionals who have no affiliation with the employer or candidate. This ensures an unbiased evaluation of the candidate’s physical abilities.
2. Job Suitability Evaluation: Imes assess the compatibility between a candidate’s medical condition and their ability to perform essential job functions safely and effectively.
3. Legal Compliance: Using Imes for pre-employment screenings in Calgary helps organizations comply with human rights legislation and avoids discrimination claims based on disability.
4. Reduction in Workplace Injuries: Through this screening process, employers can identify any potential risks and take necessary measures to match candidates with suitable roles, thus reducing workplace injuries.
5. Cost Savings: Utilizing Imes for pre-employment screenings can save employers money in the long run by preventing costly workers’ compensation claims resulting from hiring individuals unfit for certain positions.


Q1: Are businesses required to conduct pre-employment screenings?
A1: Pre-employment screenings are not mandatory under Alberta law; however, they serve as a proactive measure for ensuring workplace safety.

Q2: Can I request an applicant to undergo an Ime before hiring them?
A2: Yes, as an employer you have the right to request applicants to undergo an Ime if it is deemed relevant and necessary for their prospective role.

Q3: Can candidates refuse to undergo an Ime?
A3: Candidates have the right to refuse undergoing an Ime; however, it may impact their chances of being considered eligible for certain positions.

Q4: How much does conducting an Ime for pre-employment screening cost?
A4: The cost of an Ime may vary depending on the complexity of the evaluation and the healthcare professional conducting it. It is best to contact a reputable provider for specific pricing information.

Q5: What happens if an applicant fails their Ime?
A5: If an applicant fails their Ime, employers should engage in a conversation with them to discuss possible accommodations or explore alternative job roles within their capabilities.

Q6: Can I request additional medical documentation from candidates after an Ime?
A6: Yes, you can request for additional medical documentation as long as it aligns with the requirements of your organization and relevant legislation.

Q7: Are there any privacy concerns associated with conducting Imes for pre-employment screenings?
A7: Healthcare professionals who conduct Imes are bound by strict confidentiality rules. Any personal health information gathered during the assessment must be handled in accordance with privacy laws.

Utilizing independent medical evaluations (Imes) as part of pre-employment screenings in Calgary can provide employers with objective information about candidates’ fitness for specific job roles. This helps ensure workplace safety, compliance with legislation, and potentially reduces costs associated with injuries or workers’ compensation claims.