Can New Brunswick Employers Dispute IME Results?

Brief Overview:In New Brunswick, employers have the right to dispute Independent Medical Examination (IME) results. However, there are certain factors that need to be considered before initiating a dispute. Here are five key facts regarding this matter:

1. IME Purpose: An IME is conducted to assess an individual’s medical condition and determine their ability to work or perform specific tasks. It provides an objective evaluation of the employee’s health status.

2. Dispute Process: If an employer disagrees with the findings of an IME, they can initiate a dispute by providing supporting evidence or requesting additional assessments.

3. Expert Opinion: Employers should consult with experts in disability management and legal professionals who specialize in workers’ compensation claims for guidance on disputing IME results effectively.

4. Jurisdictional Rules: The process and requirements for disputing IME results may vary depending on the jurisdiction within New Brunswick, such as whether it falls under provincial workers’ compensation boards or private insurance providers.

5. Timely Action: Employers must act promptly when considering a dispute as there may be strict timelines within which they can challenge the findings of an IME report.


Q1: Can employers request a second opinion if they disagree with the IME results?
A1: Yes, employers can request a second opinion from another qualified medical professional to verify or challenge the initial assessment.

Q2: What type of evidence should employers provide when disputing IME results?
A2: Employers should gather relevant medical records, reports from treating physicians, expert opinions, and any other documentation that supports their position against the original assessment.

Q3: Is there a time limit for initiating a dispute?
A3: Time limits for disputes vary depending on the jurisdiction and type of claim involved; therefore, it is crucial for employers to familiarize themselves with these limitations and take timely action accordingly.

Q4: Are there any costs associated with disputing IME results?
A4: Employers may incur costs related to obtaining additional medical assessments or expert opinions. It is advisable to consult with legal and disability management professionals to determine the potential expenses involved.

Q5: What happens if the dispute process is unsuccessful?
A5: If an employer’s dispute is not successful, they may have limited options for further challenging the IME results. Seeking legal advice in such cases can help explore any available recourse.

Q6: Can employers refuse work accommodations based on disputed IME results?
A6: While employers have the right to dispute IME findings, it is important to ensure compliance with applicable human rights legislation when making decisions regarding work accommodations for employees.

Q7: Can employees also dispute IME results conducted by their employer’s chosen medical professional?
A7: Yes, employees also have the right to challenge IME findings if they disagree with them. They can provide their own evidence or request a second opinion from another qualified medical practitioner.

New Brunswick employers are entitled to dispute Independent Medical Examination (IME) results if they disagree with them. However, it is essential for employers to gather supporting evidence, seek expert guidance, and adhere to jurisdictional rules and timelines throughout the dispute process. Consulting with disability management professionals and legal experts specializing in workers’ compensation claims can significantly aid in navigating this complex procedure effectively.