Cognitive Functional Abilities Evaluation

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Quick Overview:
A Cognitive Functional Abilities Evaluation (CFAE) is a comprehensive assessment used to determine an individual’s cognitive abilities and limitations. It involves various tests and measures that assess memory, attention, problem-solving skills, and other cognitive functions. The evaluation provides valuable information for employers, insurance companies, and the legal community in determining an individual’s functional capacity in relation to their job or disability claim.


Question: What is a Cognitive Functional Abilities Evaluation?
1. A CFAE is conducted by trained professionals such as psychologists or neuropsychologists.
2. It includes standardized tests and measures that assess cognitive functions such as memory, attention, language skills, problem-solving abilities, and executive functioning.
3. The evaluation helps identify any cognitive impairments or limitations that may affect an individual’s ability to perform specific tasks or job duties.
4. It provides objective data on an individual’s cognitive strengths and weaknesses.
5. The results of the evaluation can be used to develop appropriate accommodations or rehabilitation plans for individuals with cognitive disabilities.


Q1: Who can request a Cognitive Functional Abilities Evaluation?
A1: Employers, insurance companies, lawyers representing either party involved in a dispute related to employment or disability claims can request a CFAE.

Q2: How long does a Cognitive Functional Abilities Evaluation take?
A2: The duration of the evaluation depends on several factors such as the complexity of the case and the number of tests administered but typically ranges from 4-8 hours spread over multiple sessions.

Q3: Is there any preparation required for a CFAE?
A3: Generally no preparation is needed; however, it is recommended that individuals get adequate rest before undergoing the assessment.

Q4: Does jurisdiction affect how a Cognitive Functional Abilities Evaluation is conducted?
A4: Yes, different jurisdictions may have specific guidelines regarding who can conduct evaluations or what assessments are considered valid.

Q5: Can individuals challenge the results of a Cognitive Functional Abilities Evaluation?
A5: Yes, individuals have the right to challenge the results by seeking an independent review or requesting further assessments.

Q6: Can employers use the results of a CFAE to terminate an employee?
A6: The evaluation alone cannot be used as grounds for termination. Employers must consider other factors such as accommodation options and legal obligations before making any employment decisions.

Q7: How are accommodations determined based on a CFAE?
A7: Accommodations are determined based on the specific cognitive limitations identified in the evaluation. These may include modified work tasks, additional breaks, assistive technology, or changes in workplace environment.

A Cognitive Functional Abilities Evaluation is a valuable tool that provides objective information about an individual’s cognitive abilities and limitations. It helps employers, insurance companies, and legal professionals make informed decisions regarding job duties, disability claims, or accommodations for individuals with cognitive impairments. Understanding jurisdiction-specific guidelines is important when conducting these evaluations.