Function Ability Form

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Quick Overview:
The Function Ability Form is a tool used in disability management to assess an individual’s functional abilities and limitations. It provides valuable information for employers, insurance companies, and the legal community in Canada to make informed decisions regarding accommodations, return-to-work plans, and disability claims.

Answer to the Question: What is the purpose of the Function Ability Form?

1. Objective Assessment: The Function Ability Form allows for an objective assessment of an individual’s physical and cognitive abilities, providing a clear understanding of their limitations.

2. Accommodation Planning: By identifying specific functional limitations, the form helps employers develop effective accommodation plans tailored to each employee’s needs.

3. Return-to-Work Planning: The form assists in creating appropriate return-to-work plans by outlining what tasks or activities an individual can safely perform within their capabilities.

4. Disability Claims Evaluation: Insurance companies use this form as part of their evaluation process when assessing disability claims for validity and determining appropriate benefits.

5. Legal Support: The Function Ability Form serves as crucial evidence in legal proceedings related to workplace injuries or disabilities by providing an objective assessment of functional limitations.


1. Are all healthcare professionals qualified to complete a Function Ability Form?
– No, only licensed healthcare professionals with expertise in occupational medicine or rehabilitation are qualified to complete this form.

2. Can employees refuse to fill out a Function Ability Form?
– Employees have the right to refuse but refusing may impact their ability to receive necessary accommodations or support from their employer.

3. Is completion of a Function Ability Form mandatory during disability claims?
– Yes, insurance companies often require individuals making disability claims to undergo assessments using this form as part of their evaluation process.

4. How long does it take for a healthcare professional to complete a Function Ability Form?
– The time required varies depending on the complexity of the case but generally ranges from 30 minutes up to two hours.

5. Can the information provided in a Function Ability Form be shared with other parties?
– Yes, with proper consent and within legal boundaries, the information can be shared between employers, insurance companies, and legal representatives involved in disability management.

6. Are there any specific regulations governing the use of Function Ability Forms in Canada?
– While there are no specific regulations dedicated solely to this form, its usage must comply with relevant privacy laws such as the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA).

7. How often should a Function Ability Form be updated for an employee on long-term disability?
– It is recommended to update the form at least once every six months or whenever there are significant changes in an individual’s functional abilities.

The Function Ability Form plays a vital role in disability management by providing objective assessments of an individual’s functional abilities and limitations. Its purpose ranges from developing accommodation plans to evaluating disability claims. With qualified healthcare professionals completing these forms, it ensures accuracy and fairness while complying with privacy laws. Regular updates help track changes over time for individuals on long-term disability.