Function Ability Thornhill

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Quick Overview:
Function Ability Thornhill is a leading provider of independent assessment and disability management services in the Thornhill area. We offer our services to employers, insurance companies, and the legal community in Canada. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing defensible assessments and effective disability management strategies.

Answer to the Question: Why Choose Function Ability Thornhill?

1. Expertise: Our assessors are highly qualified professionals with extensive experience in conducting independent assessments and disability management. They have a deep understanding of medical conditions, functional limitations, and vocational rehabilitation.

2. Comprehensive Services: We offer a wide range of services including functional capacity evaluations, cognitive assessments, psychological evaluations, vocational assessments, job site analyses, ergonomic consultations, return-to-work planning, case management support, and more.

3. Defensible Assessments: Our assessments are conducted using evidence-based methodologies that ensure accuracy and reliability. We adhere to industry standards and guidelines to provide objective opinions that can withstand scrutiny in legal proceedings if necessary.

4. Timely Reporting: We understand the importance of timely communication when it comes to disability management cases. Our team strives to deliver assessment reports within agreed-upon timelines without compromising quality or thoroughness.

5. Client-Centered Approach: At Function Ability Thornhill, we prioritize the needs of our clients throughout the entire process. We collaborate closely with all stakeholders involved – employers, insurers, healthcare providers – to develop customized solutions that meet individual requirements.


Q1: What types of disabilities do you assess?
A1: We assess various types of disabilities including physical impairments (e.g., musculoskeletal disorders), mental health conditions (e.g., depression), cognitive impairments (e.g., brain injuries), chronic pain syndromes (e.g., fibromyalgia), developmental disabilities (e.g., autism spectrum disorder), among others.

Q2: Are your assessments covered by insurance?
A2: In most cases involving disability claims, our assessments are covered by insurance. However, coverage may vary depending on the specific policy and jurisdiction. We recommend consulting with your insurer to determine the extent of coverage.

Q3: How long does an assessment typically take?
A3: The duration of an assessment can vary depending on several factors such as the complexity of the case and the type of assessment required. On average, it can range from a few hours to a full day.

Q4: Can you provide recommendations for accommodations in the workplace?
A4: Yes, we offer job site analyses and ergonomic consultations to identify necessary accommodations for individuals with disabilities. Our experts can provide detailed recommendations tailored to each individual’s functional limitations.

Q5: Are your assessors qualified to testify in court if needed?
A5: Yes, our assessors have experience providing expert testimony in legal proceedings when required. They are knowledgeable about relevant legislation, regulations, and case law related to disability management.

Q6: Do you only serve employers or also individuals seeking disability benefits?
A6: We provide services both to employers seeking assistance with their employees’ disability cases and individuals who are applying for or appealing disability benefits. Our goal is to support all parties involved in achieving fair outcomes.

Q7: What geographical areas do you cover?
A7: Function Ability Thornhill primarily serves clients in Thornhill and surrounding areas within Canada. However, we also have capabilities to serve clients nationwide through remote assessments if necessary.

Function Ability Thornhill is a trusted provider offering independent assessments and disability management services across Canada. With our expertise, comprehensive services, defensible assessments, timely reporting, client-centered approach – we strive towards achieving positive outcomes for all stakeholders involved in disability cases.