Functional Abilities Form 2647

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Quick Overview:
The Functional Abilities Form 2647 is a tool used in Canada to assess an individual’s functional abilities and limitations related to their disability. It is commonly utilized by employers, insurance companies, and the legal community to gather information for disability management purposes.


Question: What is the purpose of the Functional Abilities Form 2647?

1. The primary purpose of the form is to gather comprehensive information about an individual’s functional abilities and limitations.
2. It helps professionals involved in disability management make informed decisions regarding accommodation measures or return-to-work plans.
3. The form assists in determining eligibility for disability benefits or compensation claims.
4. It provides a standardized framework for assessing individuals with disabilities across different jurisdictions within Canada.
5. The information collected on this form can be used as evidence in legal proceedings related to workplace accommodations or insurance claims.


1. Who completes the Functional Abilities Form 2647?
– Typically, healthcare professionals such as physicians, occupational therapists, or physiotherapists complete the form based on their assessment of the individual.

2. Is there a specific format for completing this form?
– Yes, there are guidelines provided by each jurisdiction that outline how to accurately complete and interpret the form.

3. How long does it take to complete this assessment?
– The duration varies depending on several factors like complexity of the case and availability of medical records but generally takes around one hour.

4. Can an employer request completion of this form without consent from an employee?
– No, employers must obtain written consent from employees before requesting completion of this assessment unless required by law.

5. Are there any penalties for providing false information on this form?
– Intentionally providing false information may result in legal consequences such as fraud charges or denial/termination of benefits/compensation claims.

6. Can individuals request copies of completed Functional Abilities Forms?
– Yes, individuals have the right to request copies of their completed forms from the healthcare professionals who conducted the assessment.

7. Are there any limitations or restrictions on how long a Functional Abilities Form is valid?
– The validity period varies by jurisdiction, but it is generally recommended to update the form annually or as significant changes in functional abilities occur.

The Functional Abilities Form 2647 is an essential tool used in Canada for assessing individuals’ functional abilities and limitations related to disabilities. It serves multiple purposes, including facilitating disability management decisions, determining eligibility for benefits/compensation claims, and providing evidence in legal proceedings. Compliance with jurisdiction-specific guidelines and obtaining consent are crucial when completing this form.