Functional Abilities Form Fee Schedule

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Functional Abilities Form Fee Schedule

Quick Overview:
The Functional Abilities Form (FAF) is an important tool used in disability management to assess an individual’s functional abilities and limitations. It helps determine their ability to perform work-related tasks and provides valuable information for employers, insurance companies, and the legal community. Here are five key facts about the FAF fee schedule:

1. Standardized fees: The FAF fee schedule ensures that all parties involved in the assessment process are charged a standardized fee for services rendered. This promotes fairness and transparency.

2. Cost-effective solution: Employers, insurance companies, and the legal community benefit from the FAF fee schedule as it offers a cost-effective solution compared to other assessment methods available.

3. Customizable options: The fee schedule allows for customization based on specific jurisdictional requirements or unique case circumstances, ensuring flexibility while maintaining consistency.

4. Comprehensive coverage: The FAF fee schedule covers various components of the assessment process, including administration costs, clinician time spent on evaluation and report writing, as well as any necessary follow-up consultations.

5. Value-added service: By utilizing the FAF fee schedule, stakeholders can access high-quality assessments conducted by experienced professionals who adhere to industry best practices and standards.


Q1: How does the FAF fee schedule vary across different jurisdictions?
A1: The FAF fee schedules may differ slightly between provinces or territories due to variations in local regulations or market demands but generally maintain consistent principles of fairness and affordability.

Q2: Can I negotiate fees with RIDM?
A2: While some flexibility exists within certain parameters outlined by RIDM’s standard pricing structure, negotiation of fees is typically not encouraged as it could compromise fair treatment among clients.

Q3: Are there additional charges beyond what is listed in the fee schedule?
A3: In most cases, all relevant charges associated with completing a comprehensive functional abilities assessment are included in RIDM’s fee schedule. However, additional charges may apply for specialized services or exceptional circumstances.

Q4: How often is the FAF fee schedule updated?
A4: The FAF fee schedule is periodically reviewed and updated by RIDM to ensure it remains competitive, relevant, and aligned with industry standards. Updates are typically communicated to clients in a timely manner.

Q5: Can I request a breakdown of fees for transparency purposes?
A5: Yes, clients have the right to request a detailed breakdown of fees associated with their functional abilities assessment. RIDM aims to provide transparent information upon request.

The Functional Abilities Form (FAF) fee schedule offered by RIDM provides standardized and cost-effective pricing for employers, insurance companies, and the legal community seeking independent assessments. With customizable options and comprehensive coverage, stakeholders can rely on high-quality assessments conducted by experienced professionals while adhering to industry best practices.