Functional Ability Form WSIB

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Quick Overview:

The Functional Ability Form (FAF) is a crucial tool used by the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) in Canada to assess an individual’s functional abilities following a workplace injury or illness. It helps determine the level of disability and appropriate accommodations needed for return-to-work planning.

Answer to the question: What is the purpose of the Functional Ability Form?

1. Assessment: The FAF allows healthcare professionals to evaluate an individual’s physical, cognitive, and psychological capabilities after a workplace injury or illness.
2. Disability determination: Based on the information provided in the form, WSIB can determine if an individual meets their criteria for entitlement to benefits due to disability.
3. Return-to-work planning: The FAF assists in developing personalized plans that accommodate an employee’s functional limitations while facilitating their safe return to work.
4. Accommodation recommendations: By identifying specific restrictions and limitations, healthcare professionals can recommend necessary accommodations at work.
5. Evidence-based decision-making: The FAF provides objective data about an individual’s functional abilities, helping stakeholders make informed decisions regarding benefit eligibility and rehabilitation strategies.


1. Are all injured workers required to complete a Functional Ability Form?
– Yes, any worker who experiences a workplace injury or illness that results in time off work beyond seven days must complete this form.

2. Who completes the Functional Ability Form?
– A qualified healthcare professional such as a physician, chiropractor, physiotherapist, occupational therapist, psychologist/psychiatrist should fill out this form based on their assessment of the worker.

3. Is there a deadline for submitting the completed form?
– Yes, it is essential that workers submit their completed forms within 10 days from receiving them from WSIB.

4. Can employers request additional information related to functional abilities beyond what is captured on this form?
– Employers have limited access rights under privacy legislation; however they may request additional information from the worker’s healthcare professional with their consent.

5. How does WSIB use the Functional Ability Form in determining benefit entitlement?
– The completed form provides crucial evidence to support WSIB’s decision-making process regarding benefit eligibility, rehabilitation needs, and return-to-work planning.

6. Can workers challenge the results of a Functional Ability Form assessment?
– Yes, if a worker disagrees with the assessment provided on the form, they can request an internal review by WSIB or even appeal to external bodies like Workplace Safety and Insurance Appeals Tribunal (WSIAT).

7. Are there any penalties for providing false or misleading information on this form?
– Providing false or misleading information may result in serious consequences such as loss of benefits and potential legal actions.

The Functional Ability Form is an essential tool used by WSIB to assess functional abilities following a workplace injury/illness. It helps determine disability levels, plan accommodations for return-to-work, and make evidence-based decisions about benefit entitlement and rehabilitation strategies. Workers should ensure timely completion of this form while employers must respect privacy rights but can request additional relevant information with consent.