How Can Employers Ensure An IME Is Unbiased In Saskatchewan?

When employers in Saskatchewan require an Independent Medical Examination (IME), it is crucial to ensure that the examination is unbiased. Employers can take several steps to ensure this, such as selecting independent and reputable assessors, providing thorough instructions, maintaining transparency throughout the process, conducting regular audits of IME providers, and following legislative guidelines.


1. Select reputable assessors: Employers should choose IME providers who have a solid reputation for impartiality and professionalism. This can be achieved by reviewing their qualifications, experience, and any feedback or references from other clients.

2. Provide clear instructions: Employers should provide comprehensive instructions regarding the scope of the assessment and what specific information is required. Clear instructions help prevent any potential biases or misunderstandings during the evaluation.

3. Maintain transparency: Employers must communicate openly with employees about why an IME is necessary and how it will be conducted. Transparency helps build trust between all parties involved and reduces concerns about bias.

4. Regularly audit IME providers: Conducting periodic audits of IME providers ensures that they are following best practices for unbiased assessments. Audits should include a review of their processes, documentation standards, assessor qualifications, and adherence to legislative guidelines.

5. Follow legislative guidelines: Employers must familiarize themselves with relevant legislation governing independent assessments in Saskatchewan to ensure compliance with legal requirements for fairness and objectivity.


1) What legislation governs independent medical examinations in Saskatchewan?
– In Saskatchewan, the legislation primarily governing independent medical examinations is The Workers’ Compensation Act 2013.

2) Can employers choose any doctor for an independent medical examination?
– No; employers need to select qualified professionals who are experienced in performing objective assessments within their respective fields of expertise.

3) Are employees permitted legal representation during an IME?
– Employees have the right to be represented by legal counsel at an IME. However, the selected representative must not interfere with or disrupt the assessment process.

4) Can employees request a copy of their IME report?
– Yes, employees have the right to access their IME report upon written request. The report should be reviewed by medical professionals and may be subject to additional scrutiny if necessary.

5) What can employers do if they suspect bias in an IME?
– Employers can consult legal experts familiar with Saskatchewan’s legislation regarding independent assessments. They may challenge the assessment and request a re-evaluation if sufficient evidence of bias is presented.

6) How long does an employer have to wait for an IME appointment?
– The timeline for scheduling an IME appointment varies depending on multiple factors such as assessor availability, urgency of the case, and geographic location within Saskatchewan.


To ensure unbiased Independent Medical Examinations in Saskatchewan, employers should carefully select reputable assessors, provide clear instructions, maintain transparency throughout the process, regularly audit providers, and diligently follow legislative guidelines governing independent assessments. By taking these measures seriously, employers can minimize any potential biases during this crucial evaluation process.