How Do Employers In Calgary Benefit From An IME?

Brief Overview:Employers in Calgary can benefit from an Independent Medical Examination (IME) as it provides objective and unbiased information about an employee’s medical condition, helps with decision-making regarding work accommodations or return-to-work plans, assists in managing workers’ compensation claims effectively, ensures compliance with legal requirements, and ultimately promotes a safe and productive workplace environment.

1. Objective Information: An IME provides employers with impartial medical evaluations of employees’ conditions, helping them make informed decisions based on reliable information rather than solely relying on subjective reports.
2. Work Accommodations: IMEs assist employers in determining appropriate work accommodations for employees who may have temporary or permanent disabilities. This enables the employer to create a supportive work environment where employees can effectively perform their duties.
3. Return-to-Work Plans: By conducting an IME, employers gain insights into the extent of an employee’s physical limitations or restrictions. This information aids in developing personalized return-to-work plans tailored to the individual’s abilities and ensures a smooth transition back to their job responsibilities.
4. Managing Workers’ Compensation Claims: An IME provides evidence-based assessments that help manage workers’ compensation claims more efficiently by verifying the legitimacy of claims and identifying possible fraud cases.
5. Legal Compliance: In certain situations where disability-related disputes arise between employers and employees, an IME plays a crucial role in satisfying legal requirements while resolving these conflicts appropriately.


Q1: Can I request an IME for any employee if I suspect they are dishonest about their medical condition?
A1: Yes, you can request an IME if you believe there is potential dishonesty surrounding an employee’s medical condition; however, it should be done within proper guidelines dictated by jurisdictional rules.

Q2: Who pays for the cost of an IME?
A2: The party requesting the assessment typically bears the costs associated with scheduling independent medical examinations.

Q3: How long does it take to conduct an IME and receive the report?
A3: The timeline for completing an IME can vary but generally takes around 2-4 weeks. However, urgent cases may be expedited.

Q4: Are IME reports admissible as evidence in legal proceedings?
A4: Yes, IME reports are commonly admitted as unbiased medical evidence in legal proceedings related to disability claims or workplace disputes.

Q5: How do I select a qualified healthcare professional to conduct the IME?
A5: It is essential to engage properly accredited healthcare professionals specializing in the relevant fields to ensure fair and accurate evaluations.

Q6: Can an employee refuse to attend an IME requested by their employer?
A6: An employee’s refusal must be reasonable; otherwise, it may lead to potential disciplinary actions or even loss of employment depending on jurisdictional rules.

Q7: What happens if there is a conflict between the opinions of the treating physician and the independent medical examiner (IME)?
A7: When such conflicts arise, employers should consult with appropriate legal resources within their jurisdiction for guidance on how best to proceed based on legislative requirements.

Employers in Calgary benefit from conducting Independent Medical Examinations (IMEs) as they provide objective information about employees’ medical conditions, aid decision-making processes regarding work accommodations and return-to-work plans, assist in effectively managing workers’ compensation claims while ensuring compliance with legal regulations. By obtaining reliable assessments through IMEs, employers promote a safe and productive workplace environment.