How Do Employers Verify The Credentials Of IME Providers In New Brunswick?

Brief Overview: Employers in New Brunswick can verify the credentials of Independent Medical Examination (IME) providers through various methods to ensure they are qualified and reputable. This article will provide five supporting facts on how employers can perform this verification process.
1. Check with regulatory bodies: Employers can contact relevant regulatory bodies, such as the College of Physicians and Surgeons of New Brunswick, to confirm if an IME provider is licensed and in good standing.
2. Request proof of qualifications: Employers should ask IME providers for documentation that proves their education, training, and specialization in conducting medical assessments.
3. Review experience and expertise: It is essential for employers to consider the IME provider’s experience in performing assessments related to specific disabilities or injuries relevant to their employees’ cases.
4. Seek references or testimonials: Employers may request references from other organizations or individuals who have previously utilized the services of a particular IME provider.
5. Engage third-party vendors: Some employers choose to work with established disability management companies like Rapid Interactive Disability Management (RIDM), which already vet IME providers based on rigorous criteria before offering their services.


1. Can I rely solely on a resume provided by an IME provider?
Answer: No, it is recommended that you independently verify the information provided on a resume through official channels.

2. What qualifications should I look for when verifying an IME provider’s credentials?
Answer: Look for valid licensure, specialized training in conducting medical assessments, relevant certifications, memberships in professional associations, etc.

3. How do I know if an independent medical examiner has experience with my industry’s specific needs?
Answer: Ask about previous cases similar to yours that they have handled successfully or request evidence of ongoing professional development related to your industry.

4. Can I trust testimonials provided by an IME provider without further investigation?
Answer: While testimonials can be helpful indicators of reputation, it is advisable to independently verify the authenticity and credibility of such testimonials.

5. Is it common for employers in New Brunswick to engage third-party vendors for IME provider verification?
Answer: Yes, many employers find it beneficial to partner with established disability management companies that have already vetted IME providers thoroughly.

6. Are there any online resources available for verifying an IME provider’s credentials?
Answer: Some regulatory bodies may provide online databases or directories where you can search for licensed medical professionals practicing in New Brunswick.

7. What if I am not satisfied with the qualifications or reputation of a particular IME provider?
Answer: It is crucial to explore other options and consider working with different providers who meet your requirements and standards.

Employers in New Brunswick should take proactive steps to verify the credentials of Independent Medical Examination (IME) providers before engaging their services. This includes checking with regulatory bodies, requesting proof of qualifications, reviewing experience and expertise, seeking references or testimonials, and considering partnerships with reputable disability management companies like Rapid Interactive Disability Management (RIDM). By conducting thorough verifications, employers can ensure they are working with qualified and trustworthy IME providers.