How Do IMEs Impact Employee Privacy Rights In Calgary?

Brief Overview:When it comes to Independent Medical Examinations (IMEs) and employee privacy rights in Calgary, there are several factors to consider. IMEs can impact employee privacy rights as they require individuals to share personal medical information with a third party. However, there are regulations in place to protect the privacy of employees during this process.


IMEs can impact employee privacy rights in Calgary due to the need for individuals to disclose personal medical information.
1. Consent: Employers must obtain consent from employees before conducting an IME, ensuring that the individual understands what personal medical information will be shared.
2. Limited Information: Employees have the right to only provide relevant medical information related to their job duties and not disclose unrelated details.
3. Confidentiality: The doctor performing the IME is required by law to keep all personal medical information confidential and cannot share it without consent or a legal obligation.
4. Secure Storage: All collected data must be stored securely by employers or service providers, preventing unauthorized access or disclosure of sensitive employee information.
5. Access Rights: Employees have the right to request access to their own IME reports and make corrections if necessary.


Q1: Can my employer force me to undergo an IME in Calgary?
A1: While employers may request an IME under certain circumstances, such as disability claims or accommodation requests, they cannot force you against your will.

Q2: What happens if I refuse an IME request from my employer?
A2: Refusing an IME request may have consequences depending on your employment contract or applicable laws. It’s advisable to seek legal advice before making any decisions.

Q3: Can my employer see my entire medical history during an IME?
A3: No, your employer has limited rights regarding accessing your medical history during an IME unless it directly relates to your job responsibilities.

Q4: Will other employees know about my private medical information?
A4: No, the confidentiality of your IME and personal medical information must be maintained by all parties involved, including the doctor performing the examination.

Q5: Can I refuse to disclose certain private medical conditions during an IME in Calgary?
A5: You have the right to only provide relevant medical information related to your job duties. It’s advisable to consult with a legal professional if you are unsure about what needs to be disclosed.

Q6: Is my employer required to inform me before scheduling an IME?
A6: Yes, employers should inform employees beforehand about the reasons behind conducting an IME and obtain their consent.

Q7: How long can my employer keep my IME records?
A7: Employers are generally required to keep employee records for a specified period as per applicable privacy laws. However, it is advisable for them not to retain sensitive personal information longer than necessary.


While Independent Medical Examinations (IMEs) may impact employee privacy rights in Calgary, there are regulations in place that aim to protect employees’ personal medical information. Employees have rights regarding consent, limited disclosure, confidentiality, secure storage of data, and access rights when undergoing an IME.