How Do IMEs Interplay With The Saskatchewan Workplace Safety And Insurance Board (Wsib) Claims?

Brief Overview: The Interplay between Independent Medical Examinations (IMEs) and the Saskatchewan Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) Claims.
An IME is an evaluation conducted by a qualified medical professional to objectively assess an individual’s injuries, disabilities, or medical conditions. In the context of WSIB claims in Saskatchewan, IMEs play a crucial role in determining the legitimacy and extent of workplace-related injuries or illnesses. Here are five important facts about how IMEs interplay with WSIB claims in Saskatchewan:

1. Assessment for Disability Determination: IMEs are often used by WSIB as a tool to assess disability duration, severity, impairments, and functional capacity following a workplace injury. These assessments assist in making informed decisions regarding claimant entitlements such as wage loss benefits or vocational rehabilitation.

2. Reviewing Existing Medical Records: Before conducting an IME for WSIB claims, the examining physician will review all available existing medical records related to the claimant’s injury or illness. This helps establish baseline information and provides necessary context for their evaluation.

3. Collaborative Process: The WSIB engages various stakeholders during the process of arranging an IME for injured workers’ claims. Employers’ input may be sought prior to selecting an examiner who possesses expertise relevant to the nature of injury sustained.

4. Admissible Evidence: The opinions provided by independent medical examiners can serve as admissible evidence in dispute resolution processes like hearings at Workers’ Compensation Appeals Tribunal (WCAT). Their objective assessment carries weight when evaluating conflicting perspectives on disability status and treatment plans.

5. Timely Examination Scheduling: To avoid delays in processing WSIB claims, it is essential that examinations be scheduled promptly after receipt of appropriate supporting documentation from healthcare professionals involved within authorized timelines set out under legislation governing workers’ compensation system.


Q1: Can I choose my own doctor for an Independent Medical Examination?

A1: No, in the context of WSIB claims, the board is responsible for arranging and covering the costs of IMEs. They will select an examiner with expertise aligned to your specific injury or illness.

Q2: Does the opinion of the independent medical examiner determine my benefits?

A2: While their evaluation is a critical factor considered by WSIB, it does not solely determine benefit entitlements. The final decision on benefits rests with WSIB based on various factors, including medical evidence from multiple sources.

Q3: Can I dispute the findings of an Independent Medical Examination?

A3: Yes, if you disagree with the opinion expressed by an IME report commissioned by WSIB, you have options to challenge it through formal dispute resolution mechanisms such as appeals at WCAT.

Q4: What happens if I refuse to attend an Independent Medical Examination?

A4: Failure to attend a scheduled IME without valid reasons may result in adverse consequences for your claim. It could lead to suspension or denial of benefits until compliance is ensured.

Q5: How long does it take before I receive a copy of my IME report?

A5: Typically, within two weeks after completion of your examination conducted under WSIB regarding disability determination process.

Q6: Are there any restrictions on sharing my IME report obtained through WSIB?

A6: As per privacy laws and regulations governing health information in Saskatchewan, disclosure or dissemination should align with applicable restrictions and requirements related to consent and confidentiality protection.

Q7. Can I bring someone with me during the Independent Medical Examination?

A7. In most cases, individuals attending IMEs arranged by WSIB are allowed to have someone accompany them for support or advocacy purposes. However, prior arrangements must be made and approved by all parties involved beforehand.

In Saskatchewan’s workplace safety insurance system overseen by WSIB (now known as Workers’ Compensation Board), Independent Medical Examinations play a significant role in determining the nature and extent of workplace-related injuries or illnesses. While WSIB relies on IMEs to make informed decisions regarding claimant entitlements, it is essential for injured workers to understand their rights and options throughout the process, including potential routes for challenging an unfavorable IME report.