How Does An Employer In Saskatchewan Initiate A Follow-Up IME?

Brief Overview:In Saskatchewan, employers can initiate a follow-up Independent Medical Examination (IME) by following certain steps. This type of examination can be helpful in assessing an employee’s ongoing medical condition and determining their ability to perform job duties. Here are five key facts about initiating a follow-up IME in Saskatchewan:

1. Purpose: The purpose of a follow-up IME is to assess the progress of an employee’s medical condition since their initial examination.
2. Timing: A follow-up IME should only be requested when there has been a significant change in the employee’s medical condition or when there are concerns about their ability to return to work safely.
3. Notification: An employer must provide written notice to the employee at least 21 days before the scheduled IME, informing them about the purpose, date, time, location, and name of the examiner.
4. Cost Coverage: In Saskatchewan, the employer is responsible for covering all reasonable costs associated with arranging and attending a follow-up IME.
5. Legal Requirements: Employers must ensure that any requests for a follow-up IME comply with relevant legislation and human rights regulations.


1. Can an employer request multiple follow-up IMEs?
Yes, employers can request multiple follow-up IMEs if there is valid reasoning behind each request based on changes in the employee’s medical condition.

2. Can an employee refuse to attend a follow-up IME?
While employees have some rights regarding privacy and consent, refusal without valid reasons may result in disciplinary action or adverse consequences.

3. Is it necessary for employers to involve insurers when requesting a follow-up IME?
Although involving insurers is not mandatory unless part of an insurance claim process, it is generally advisable as it helps ensure effective communication between all parties involved.

4. What happens if an employee disputes the findings from a follow- up IME?
If an employee disagrees with the results or conclusions drawn from a follow-up IME, they can seek legal advice and challenge the findings through appropriate channels.

5. Can an employer use the information obtained from a follow-up IME to terminate employment?
While the results of a follow-up IME may influence employment decisions, employers must adhere to applicable labor laws and human rights legislation when making any termination decisions.

6. Can an employee bring someone with them to the follow-up IME?
Employees are generally allowed to bring a support person or advocate to their follow-up IME, provided that person does not interfere with the examination process.

7. What happens if an employee fails to attend a scheduled follow- up IME?
If an employee fails to attend a scheduled follow-up IME without valid reasons, it may be considered insubordination or non-compliance and could lead to disciplinary action or potential loss of benefits.

In Saskatchewan, employers have certain steps they need to take in order to initiate a follow-up Independent Medical Examination (IME). By understanding these steps and following relevant regulations, employers can ensure proper assessment of ongoing medical conditions related to work-related injuries. Communication between all parties involved is vital throughout this process.