How Often Can Calgary Employers Request An IME For The Same Case?

Brief Overview:Calgary employers can request an Independent Medical Examination (IME) for the same case multiple times, as long as there are valid reasons for doing so. However, there are specific guidelines and considerations that need to be followed when requesting multiple IMEs.

Answer with 5 Supporting Facts:
1. No specific restrictions: There is no set limit on how often Calgary employers can request an IME for the same case.
2. Valid reasons required: Employers must have valid reasons for requesting additional IMEs, such as new medical information or significant changes in the employee’s condition.
3. Consideration of previous reports: When requesting a subsequent IME, it is important to consider any previous examination reports and their relevance to avoid unnecessary duplication of assessments.
4. Timely requests: It is recommended that Calgary employers make timely requests for follow-up IMEs if they believe it is necessary to obtain updated medical information related to the case.
5. Professional judgment: The decision to request multiple IMEs should be based on professional judgment and considered on a case-by-case basis.


1. Can I request an IME more than once if I am not satisfied with the first assessment?
– Yes, you can request another IME if you feel that further evaluation is needed or if you have valid concerns about the initial assessment report.

2. What happens if I do not agree with multiple assessment reports from different IMEs?
– In such cases, it may be advisable to seek additional expert opinions or consult with legal professionals who specialize in disability management cases.

3. Is there a waiting period before I can request another round of assessments?
– There is no mandated waiting period between assessments; however, prudent practice suggests allowing enough time between assessments for any relevant changes in medical status or treatment outcomes to occur.

4. How should I decide whether another round of assessments is necessary?
– Deciding whether another round of assessments is necessary should be based on a careful review of the case, including any new medical evidence or significant changes in the employee’s condition.

5. Can the employee refuse to undergo multiple IMEs for the same case?
– While employees may have concerns about undergoing multiple assessments, if there are valid reasons for requesting further evaluations, they may be required to comply as part of their contractual obligations.

6. Is there a risk of alienating the employee by requesting multiple IMEs?
– Requesting additional IMEs should be done sensitively, taking into account the impact it may have on the employer-employee relationship. Open communication and explanation about why it is necessary can help minimize potential strain.

7. Can I request an IME from a specific healthcare professional on multiple occasions?
– It is not uncommon to request repeat assessments from a particular healthcare professional who has expertise in handling disability management cases; however at times alternate examiners also provide valuable insights and increased fairness benefits both parties involved.

Calgary employers can request multiple Independent Medical Examinations (IMEs) for the same case if valid reasons exist. The decision to request subsequent assessments should be made after considering previous reports and always keeping in mind factors such as timeliness, relevance, and professional judgment. Open communication with employees and thoughtful consideration throughout this process helps maintain positive relationships while ensuring comprehensive evaluation in disability management cases.