How Should Employees Handle Communication During An Ime?

Quick Overview:When attending an Independent Medical Examination (IME), employees should handle communication in a professional and respectful manner. It is important to provide accurate information, ask questions when necessary, and follow any instructions given by the examiner. Employees should also be aware of their rights and responsibilities during the IME process.


Employees should handle communication during an IME by following these five supporting facts:

1. Be prepared: Before attending the IME, employees should review their medical records and have a clear understanding of their medical history. This will help them provide accurate information to the examiner.

2. Provide honest answers: During the examination, employees should answer all questions truthfully and to the best of their ability. Providing false or misleading information can undermine credibility.

3. Ask for clarification: If there are any aspects of the examination or questions that are unclear, employees have the right to ask for clarification from the examiner. It is better to seek clarity than to make assumptions.

4. Follow instructions: The examiner may give specific instructions regarding movements or activities during the examination process. Employees should carefully listen to these instructions and follow them accordingly.

5. Respectful behavior: Maintaining a professional demeanor throughout the IME is essential for effective communication with both examiners and other parties involved in the process.


1) Can I bring someone with me to my IME?
– In most cases, you are allowed to bring a support person such as a family member or friend with you.

2) What if I don’t understand some medical terms used by the examiner?
– Feel free to ask for explanations if you come across unfamiliar terminology during your examination.

3) Can I record audio or video during my IME?
– Recording devices are generally not permitted without prior consent from all parties involved.

4) What happens if I disagree with something stated in my report?
– You can request access to the report and discuss any concerns or disagreements with your legal representative.

5) Can I refuse to answer certain questions during the IME?
– While you should be honest and cooperative, if a question is deemed irrelevant or invasive, you can consult with your legal representative before providing an answer.

6) Are there any time limits for scheduling an IME after receiving notice?
– Time limits may vary depending on jurisdiction. It is important to consult with your legal representative to understand specific requirements in your area.

7) What if I feel uncomfortable during the examination?
– If at any point you feel physically or emotionally uncomfortable, notify the examiner immediately. Your well-being is of utmost importance.

Employees attending an IME should approach communication professionally, provide accurate information, ask for clarification when needed, follow instructions given by examiners, and maintain respectful behavior throughout the process. Knowing their rights and responsibilities will help employees navigate through this assessment effectively.