Is Refusal Of A Mandatory Health Evaluation By Employees Allowed In Saskatchewan?

Quick Overview:In Saskatchewan, employees do not have the right to refuse a mandatory health evaluation. Employers can require their employees to undergo such evaluations as part of their job requirements or for determining eligibility for certain benefits. However, there are specific guidelines and considerations that employers must follow when implementing mandatory health evaluations.

No, employees in Saskatchewan do not have the right to refuse a mandatory health evaluation imposed by their employer. Here are five supporting facts:

1. Occupational Health and Safety Legislation: The Occupational Health and Safety Act in Saskatchewan does not grant employees the right to refuse a medical examination requested by their employer.
2. Job Requirements: Employers may require certain positions or job roles to undergo regular medical examinations as part of ensuring workplace safety and employee well-being.
3. Benefits Eligibility: Some benefit plans, such as disability insurance or workers’ compensation programs, may require individuals to undergo medical assessments to determine eligibility.
4. Collective Agreements: If an employee is covered under a collective agreement, it may contain provisions related to compulsory medical examinations that override individual objections.
5. Privacy Considerations: Employers must ensure that any information obtained through these evaluations is handled confidentially and complies with privacy legislation.


1. Can my employer force me to take a medical examination?
Yes, if your employer has legitimate reasons related to occupational health and safety or determining benefits eligibility.

2. What happens if I refuse the mandatory health evaluation?
Refusing a required assessment could result in disciplinary action from your employer, including potential termination.

3. Are there any exceptions where an employee can refuse?
There might be limited circumstances where an individual’s religious beliefs conflict with specific types of exams; however, alternative arrangements should be explored before refusing altogether.

4. Can my employer access my personal medical records without consent?
No, employers cannot access your personal medical records without your explicit consent unless required by law or authorized by relevant privacy legislation.

5. What happens if the mandatory health evaluation reveals a medical condition?
The employer should handle this information confidentially and in compliance with privacy legislation. Depending on the circumstances, reasonable accommodations may be made to support the employee.

6. Can my employer share my medical information with other parties?
Employers must adhere to strict confidentiality rules when handling employees’ medical information and can only disclose it on a need-to-know basis or as required by law.

7. Can I challenge the decision for a mandatory health evaluation?
If you believe that your employer’s requirement for a mandatory health evaluation is unreasonable or discriminatory, you may seek legal advice and explore options for challenging it through appropriate channels.

In Saskatchewan, employees do not have the right to refuse a mandatory health evaluation imposed by their employers. Employers can require these evaluations to ensure workplace safety and determine benefits eligibility. However, employers must follow specific guidelines regarding privacy and confidentiality when implementing such assessments.