Non WSIB Functional Abilities Form

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Quick Overview:
A Non WSIB Functional Abilities Form is a document used to assess an individual’s functional abilities in relation to their work tasks. It is commonly used by employers, insurance companies, and the legal community in Canada.

The Non WSIB Functional Abilities Form provides valuable information about an individual’s ability to perform specific job tasks. Here are five supporting facts:

1. Objective assessment: The form allows for an objective evaluation of an individual’s functional abilities, providing concrete evidence of their limitations or capabilities.
2. Customized assessment: The form can be tailored to match the specific requirements of different occupations, ensuring that the assessment accurately reflects the demands of the job.
3. Legal compliance: Using this form ensures compliance with Canadian legislation and regulations regarding disability management and accommodation.
4. Consistency: The standardized format of the form promotes consistency in assessing functional abilities across different individuals and situations.
5. Evidence-based decision making: The information gathered from this assessment can be used as evidence in legal proceedings related to disability claims or workplace accommodations.


1. Who completes the Non WSIB Functional Abilities Form?
– Typically, a healthcare professional such as a physician or occupational therapist completes this form based on their evaluation of the individual’s functional abilities.

2. Can employers request employees to undergo a functional abilities assessment?
– Yes, employers have the right to request such assessments if there are concerns about an employee’s ability to perform essential job functions due to health-related issues.

3. Are employees obligated to disclose medical conditions that may impact their work?
– Employees have a duty under Canadian law (Human Rights Code) to disclose any disabilities or medical conditions that may require accommodation unless it would cause undue hardship for them.

4. How often should these assessments be conducted?
– There is no fixed timeline for conducting these assessments; however, they are typically done when there are changes in an employee’s condition or when accommodations need to be reviewed.

5. Can the Non WSIB Functional Abilities Form be used as evidence in legal proceedings?
– Yes, the form can serve as valuable evidence in disability claims, workplace accommodation disputes, or other legal matters related to an individual’s functional abilities.

6. Is there a specific format for the Non WSIB Functional Abilities Form?
– While there is no standardized format mandated by law, it is advisable to use a recognized and accepted template that captures essential information about an individual’s functional abilities.

7. Are employers required to accommodate employees based on the findings of this assessment?
– Employers have a duty to accommodate employees’ disabilities up to the point of undue hardship. The findings from this assessment help determine appropriate accommodations within these limits.

The Non WSIB Functional Abilities Form is a crucial tool for assessing an individual’s ability to perform job tasks accurately. It provides objective information that helps employers, insurance companies, and the legal community make informed decisions regarding disability management and workplace accommodations while ensuring compliance with Canadian legislation.