Sample Function Ability Form WSIB

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Quick Overview:
The Function Ability Form (FAF) is a crucial document used by the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) in Canada to assess an individual’s functional abilities after a workplace injury or illness. It helps determine their eligibility for benefits and appropriate work accommodations. Here are five key facts about the FAF:

1. Purpose: The main purpose of the FAF is to evaluate an individual’s physical, mental, and cognitive capabilities to perform work tasks following an injury or illness.

2. Completion: The FAF should be completed by healthcare professionals who have expertise in assessing functional abilities, such as physicians, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, psychologists, etc.

3. Sections: The FAF consists of different sections focusing on various aspects of functioning like mobility, self-care activities, communication skills, concentration level, etc.

4. Importance: Accurate completion of the FAF is vital as it directly influences decisions regarding return-to-work plans and benefit entitlements for injured workers.

5. Jurisdictional Differences: Although the basic structure remains consistent across jurisdictions in Canada, there may be slight variations in specific requirements or terminology used within each province or territory.


1. Who can complete the Function Ability Form?
– Healthcare professionals with relevant expertise are eligible to complete the form based on their assessment of an individual’s functional abilities.

2. How long does it take to complete the FAF?
– The time required varies depending on factors like complexity of injuries/illnesses and availability of medical records but generally ranges from 30 minutes to 2 hours.

3. Can more than one healthcare professional complete different sections?
– Yes! In cases where multiple specialists are involved in assessing different aspects of functionality (e.g., physical vs psychological), they can collaborate and fill out respective sections accordingly.

4. Are there any guidelines provided for completing each section?
– Yes! WSIB provides detailed guidelines and instructions to ensure consistent and accurate completion of each section in the FAF.

5. Can an injured worker provide input while completing the form?
– Absolutely! The injured worker’s input, experiences, and limitations should be considered during the assessment process, as they can provide valuable insights into their functional abilities.

6. Is there a specific timeframe for submitting the completed FAF?
– While there is no universal deadline, it is generally recommended to submit the FAF within a reasonable time frame after conducting assessments to avoid delays in decision-making processes.

7. How often should the Function Ability Form be updated?
– Updates are necessary whenever significant changes occur in an individual’s functional abilities or when requested by WSIB during periodic reviews or reassessments.

The Function Ability Form plays a critical role in determining work-related benefits and accommodations for individuals with workplace injuries or illnesses. It must be accurately completed by healthcare professionals based on comprehensive assessments of an individual’s functional capabilities. Understanding jurisdictional differences and following WSIB guidelines ensures consistency and reliability throughout Canada’s diverse regions.