What Are An Employee’S Rights During An Ime In Ontario?

Quick Overview:During an Independent Medical Examination (IME) in Ontario, employees have certain rights that protect their interests. These rights include the right to be treated with respect and dignity, the right to receive a copy of the IME report, and the right to have a representative present during the examination. It is important for employees to understand these rights and how they can exercise them.

5 Supporting Facts:
1. Right to be treated with respect: Employees undergoing an IME in Ontario have the right to be treated respectfully by the examiner. The examiner should conduct themselves professionally and refrain from any discriminatory or disrespectful behavior.
2. Right to receive a copy of the IME report: After undergoing an IME, employees are entitled to receive a copy of the final report generated by the examiner. This allows them to review and understand what was discussed during the examination.
3. Right to have a representative present: Employees also have the right to bring a representative along during an IME if they wish. This could be a lawyer, union representative, or any other individual who can provide support and advocate for their interests.
4. Right to ask questions: During an IME, employees are encouraged to ask questions if they need clarification on any aspect of the examination process or findings mentioned by the examiner.
5. Right not to disclose personal information unrelated to claim: Employees have no obligation during an IME in Ontarioto disclose personal medical information unrelatedto their claim for disability benefits.


1. Can my employer force me into attending an IME?
No, your employer cannot force you into attending an IMEin Ontario.However,in some cases,the refusal may impact your eligibility for certain benefits or compensation.

2.Can I choose my own doctor fortheIMEinOntario?
No,you do not gettochooseyour owndoctorforanIMEinOntario.Theemployerorinsurer will selectandarrange themedicalprofessionalwho will conduct the examination.

3.What should I do if I feel uncomfortable during the IME?
If you feel uncomfortable or have any concerns during the IMEin Ontario, it is important to communicate your feelings to the examiner. You can also request for a break or ask to have a representative present with you.

4.Can I record the IME session in Ontario?
In Ontario, recording an IME without consent from all parties involved is illegal. If you wish to record the session, you must seek permission from both the examiner and your employer/insurer beforehand.

5.What happens if I disagree withtheIME reportinOntario?
If you disagree withthe findings oftheIME reportinOntario,you may choose to challengeitthroughlegal means.Youcan consultwitha lawyerorseek advicefromyour unionrepresentativeforfurther guidanceon howto proceed.

6.Will my personal medical information be kept confidential during an IME in Ontario?
Yes, your personal medical information disclosed during anIMEin Ontarioshouldbekeptconfidentialandonlysharedwithrelevantpartiesinvolvedintheprocess.This includesyour employer,the insurer,andanyauthorizedrepresentatives.However,it’salwaysimportanttoreviewandunderstandtheprivacypolicyofthemedicalprofessionalconductingtheexaminationbeforehand.

7.DoIhaveto payforanIMEinOntario?
No,inmostcasesyouwillnotberequiredtopayforthecostofanIMEinOntario.Theemployerorinsurerisusuallyresponsibleforcoveringthesecostsaspartoftheirobligationtodeterminetheextentofthedamageordisability.Buttobe sure,youshouldconfirmthiswithyour employerorinsurancerightatthestartofschedulingtheIMEappointment.

Employees undergoing an Independent Medical Examination (IME) in Ontario have rights that protect their interests. These include being treated with respect, receiving a copy of the IME report, having a representative present, asking questions, and not disclosing personal information unrelated to their claim. It is important for employees to understand these rights and exercise them when necessary during an IME process.