What Is A Workplace Medical Evaluation And Why Is It Important In Quebec?

Quick Overview:A workplace medical evaluation is a comprehensive assessment conducted by a qualified healthcare professional to determine an employee’s fitness for work, the impact of their medical condition on their job performance, and any necessary accommodations or modifications required. In Quebec, it is important as it helps employers make informed decisions regarding disability management, return-to-work plans, and accommodation measures.


1. Assessing Fitness for Work: A workplace medical evaluation assesses whether an employee’s medical condition allows them to perform their job duties safely and effectively.
2. Determining Job Impact: It helps identify how an employee’s medical condition may affect their ability to carry out specific tasks or responsibilities in the workplace.
3. Accommodation Measures: The evaluation provides insights into possible accommodations that can be made to support employees with disabilities in performing their jobs.
4. Return-to-Work Planning: It assists in developing effective return-to-work plans tailored to individual employees’ needs after a period of absence due to illness or injury.
5. Legal Compliance: Conducting workplace medical evaluations ensures compliance with legal obligations under human rights legislation and employment standards.


1. Is a workplace medical evaluation mandatory in Quebec?
– No, it is not mandatory but highly recommended for employers when dealing with disability management issues.

2. Who can conduct a workplace medical evaluation?
– Only qualified healthcare professionals such as occupational physicians or specialized nurses are authorized to conduct these assessments.

3. What information does the evaluator need for the assessment?
– The evaluator requires relevant documentation about the employee’s health condition, job description, and any previous accommodation measures taken.

4. How long does a typical workplace medical evaluation take?
– The duration varies depending on various factors such as complexity of the case but usually takes around 1-2 hours.

5. Can an employer request multiple evaluations for one employee?
– Yes, if there are significant changes in the employee’s health status or job requirements, additional evaluations may be necessary.

6. Can an employee refuse to undergo a workplace medical evaluation?
– In some cases, employees may have the right to refuse but it could impact their eligibility for disability benefits or accommodation measures.

7. How often should workplace medical evaluations be conducted?
– It depends on the specific circumstances, but periodic re-evaluations are recommended when there are changes in the employee’s health condition or job demands.

A workplace medical evaluation is crucial in Quebec as it helps employers make informed decisions regarding disability management, accommodations, and return-to-work plans. While not mandatory, these assessments ensure legal compliance and provide valuable insights into an employee’s fitness for work and any necessary support they may require.