What Is The Purpose Of An IME In Workplace Injury Cases In Newfoundland And Labrador?

Brief Overview:An Independent Medical Examination (IME) plays a crucial role in workplace injury cases in Newfoundland and Labrador. It serves as an objective assessment of an individual’s medical condition, providing valuable information to employers, insurance companies, and the legal community involved in the case.

The purpose of an IME in workplace injury cases in Newfoundland and Labrador is to:

1. Assess the extent of injuries: An IME helps determine the severity and impact of the workplace injuries sustained by an individual.
2. Determine treatment options: The examination provides insights into appropriate medical treatments required for recovery or rehabilitation.
3. Evaluate work-relatedness: An IME assesses whether the injuries are directly related to the workplace incident or if there are other contributing factors.
4. Determine functional abilities: It helps identify any limitations or restrictions on physical activities that may affect returning to work.
5. Provide expert opinion: An IME report offers an unbiased professional opinion regarding disability status, prognosis, and potential future employability.


1. Who conducts an IME?
– An independent healthcare professional with relevant expertise performs the examination.

2. Can I choose my own doctor for an IME?
– In most cases, individuals do not have control over selecting their examiner; it is typically arranged by insurers or employers.

3. How long does an IME take?
– The duration varies depending on various factors such as complexity of injuries, tests required, etc., but generally lasts between one to three hours.

4. Are all expenses covered for undergoing an IME?
– Yes, reasonable costs associated with attending the examination are usually covered by insurers or employers.

5. Can I bring someone with me during the examination?
– Generally, you can bring a support person unless there are specific reasons stated otherwise by your insurer or employer.

6. What should I bring to my IME appointment?
– It is advisable to bring any relevant medical records, test results, and a list of current medications.

7. Can the IME report be challenged?
– Yes, if there are valid reasons to believe that the examination was not conducted fairly or accurately, it can be challenged through legal procedures.

An Independent Medical Examination (IME) in workplace injury cases in Newfoundland and Labrador serves as an important tool for assessing injuries, determining treatment options, evaluating work-relatedness, identifying functional abilities, and providing expert opinions. It is crucial for all parties involved in order to make informed decisions regarding disability management and claims settlement.