What Types Of Injuries Or Conditions Necessitate An IME In Calgary?

Brief Overview:An Independent Medical Examination (IME) in Calgary may be necessary for various types of injuries or conditions. This examination allows a neutral third-party medical expert to assess the individual’s health status and provide a comprehensive report, which can help determine disability benefits, treatment options, and return-to-work plans.

– Fact 1: Work-related injuries – IMEs are often required for individuals who have suffered work-related injuries to determine their current level of impairment and ability to perform job duties.
– Fact 2: Motor vehicle accidents – Those involved in motor vehicle accidents may require an IME to assess their physical and/or psychological condition resulting from the accident.
– Fact 3: Chronic pain conditions – Individuals with chronic pain caused by various ailments such as fibromyalgia or arthritis may undergo an IME to evaluate their functional limitations.
– Fact 4: Mental health disorders – IMEs can also be utilized for individuals diagnosed with mental health disorders, including depression or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).
– Fact 5: Progressive diseases or illnesses – Individuals with progressive diseases like multiple sclerosis or Parkinson’s disease may require regular IMEs to monitor disease progression and its impact on daily activities.


Q1. Who requests an IME?
A1. An employer, insurance company, legal representative, or government agency usually requests an IME.

Q2. Is attending an IME compulsory?
A2. Yes, if requested by one of the aforementioned parties; failure to attend without valid reasons could result in consequences related to claims processing.

Q3. How long does an IME take?
A3. The duration varies depending on the complexity of the case but typically lasts between one hour and half a day.

Q4. Can I bring someone with me during my IME appointment?
A4.The presence of another person is generally not allowed unless explicitly permitted due to exceptional circumstances.

Q5.What should I bring to my IME appointment?
A5. It is recommended to bring any relevant medical reports, test results, medications list, and a valid photo ID.

Q6. Will the IME doctor provide treatment recommendations?
A6. The primary purpose of an IME is to assess the current condition rather than provide treatment recommendations; however, some doctors may offer general suggestions or advice.

Q7. Is confidentiality maintained during an IME?
A7.Yes, all medical information disclosed during an IME is treated confidentially by the examining physician and other involved stakeholders.

An Independent Medical Examination in Calgary may be required for various injuries or conditions including work-related injuries, motor vehicle accidents, chronic pain conditions, mental health disorders, and progressive diseases. The examination provides valuable insights into an individual’s health status and aids in determining appropriate disability benefits and rehabilitation plans.