Who Pays For An IME In Calgary?

Brief Overview:In Calgary, the cost of an Independent Medical Examination (IME) is typically paid by the party requesting the assessment. This could be an employer, insurance company, or legal representative.

Supporting facts:
1. Cost responsibility: The party requesting the IME is generally responsible for covering the expenses associated with it.
2. Common scenarios: Employers might request an IME to assess a worker’s ability to return to work after an injury or illness. Insurance companies often request IMEs as part of their claims evaluation process. Legal representatives may request IMEs for personal injury lawsuits.
3. Covered by insurance: In some cases, insurance policies may cover the cost of IMEs as part of their benefits package.
4. Negotiation and agreement: Parties involved in a dispute can negotiate who should shoulder the cost of an IME and come to a mutual agreement.
5. Exceptions: There might be instances where specific contracts or agreements dictate how costs are divided between parties involved in a case.


Q1: Can I request multiple IMEs if I’m not satisfied with one?
A1: Yes, you can request additional IMEs if you believe further assessments are needed; however, you will likely need to pay for each examination separately.

Q2: As an employee seeking disability benefits, do I have to pay for my own IME?
A2: Typically no, as this responsibility usually falls on your employer or their insurance company when assessing your eligibility for disability benefits.

Q3: Are there any circumstances where employers would not be responsible for paying for an employee’s IME?
A3: If employees choose to seek independent medical assessments outside of what is required by their employer or insurer, they may need to cover these costs themselves.

Q4 How much does an average IMe cost in Calgary?
A4 The exact cost varies depending on various factors such as complexity and duration required; however,

the average cost of an IME in Calgary can range from $500 to $1500.

Q5: Can the cost of an IME be reimbursed?
A5: Yes, if a party is found responsible for payment of an IME and the assessment was deemed necessary, they may seek reimbursement from the opposing party or insurance company through legal procedures.

Q6: What if I can’t afford to pay for my own IME while disputing a claim?
A6: In some cases, you may be able to seek financial assistance or coverage from government programs or legal aid societies that support individuals facing financial hardship.

Q7: Is it possible for both parties involved in a dispute to split the cost of an IME evenly?
A7. Yes, parties are free to negotiate and agree on splitting costs mutually based on their circumstances and preferences.

In Calgary, the entity requesting an Independent Medical Examination (IME) typically bears the responsibility of paying for it. This could include employers assessing employees’ work capabilities after illness or injury, insurance companies evaluating claims, or legal representatives gathering evidence for personal injury lawsuits. While there might be exceptions based on specific agreements or contracts, negotiating who should cover the costs is essential in determining payment obligations accurately.