Canada Post Long Term Disability Benefits

Canada Post Long Term Disability Benefits refer to the financial assistance provided by Canada Post to its employees who are unable to work due to a disabling illness or injury for an extended period of time.


1. What is the eligibility criteria for Canada Post Long Term Disability Benefits?
To be eligible for Canada Post Long Term Disability Benefits, an employee must be covered under the Canada Post Group Benefits Plan, have completed the waiting period, and provide medical documentation proving the disabling condition.

2. How long do the benefits last?
The duration of Canada Post Long Term Disability Benefits depends on the specific circumstances. Generally, these benefits continue until the employee is able to return to work, reaches the maximum benefit period, or turns 65 years old.

3. How much financial assistance is provided through these benefits?
Canada Post Long Term Disability Benefits typically provide 70% of the employee’s pre-disability earnings, up to a certain cap. The exact amount may vary based on the individual’s income and the terms of the policy.

4. Is there a waiting period for these benefits?
Yes, there is usually a waiting period of 120 days before an employee can start receiving Canada Post Long Term Disability Benefits. During this time, the employee may be eligible for other short-term disability benefits.

5. Can an employee receive other benefits while on Canada Post Long Term Disability?
Employees may be eligible for additional benefits, such as government disability benefits like the Canada Pension Plan Disability Benefit or Employment Insurance sickness benefits. However, these benefits may be coordinated with the Canada Post benefits, and the total amount received cannot exceed the employee’s pre-disability earnings.

6. Can an employee return to work while receiving Long Term Disability Benefits?
Under certain circumstances, employees may be able to return to work on a part-time or modified basis while still receiving some benefits. Canada Post has processes in place to accommodate such cases and make appropriate adjustments to the benefit payments.

7. What happens if the employee’s disability is permanent?
If an employee’s disability is deemed permanent and they are unable to return to any form of gainful employment, they may be eligible for other long-term disability benefits or pension plans, depending on their specific situation and the requirements of Canada Post’s policies.