Absence management

DEFINITION: Absence management is a systematic approach used by organizations to efficiently handle employee absences from work, ensuring proper tracking, monitoring, and addressing of employee attendance concerns.


1. What is the purpose of absence management?
The purpose of absence management is to effectively manage employee absences by implementing strategies and procedures that aim to minimize the impact of employee absences on productivity and ensure fair and consistent treatment for all employees.

2. What does absence management include?
Absent management encompasses a range of activities such as maintaining attendance records, implementing leave policies, managing the approval process for employee absences, monitoring patterns and trends in absenteeism, and implementing strategies to address excessive or unauthorized absences.

3. How can absence management benefit an organization?
Absence management can benefit an organization in several ways. It helps in reducing unplanned and excessive absences, which can lead to productivity losses. It ensures compliance with labor laws and policies, maintains a fair and consistent attendance system, and helps in identifying potential issues or patterns contributing to frequent absenteeism.

4. What role does technology play in absence management?
Technology plays a crucial role in absence management by providing automated tools to track and manage employee absences. It allows organizations to maintain accurate attendance records, generate reports, streamline the leave approval process, and implement absence policies efficiently.

5. How can an organization address excessive absences through absence management?
To address excessive absences, an organization can implement measures such as clear communication of attendance expectations, providing access to employee assistance programs, conducting return-to-work interviews, offering flexible work arrangements, and implementing progressive disciplinary measures as necessary. Absence management offers a structured approach to identify and resolve attendance concerns effectively.