Am I Still Employed While On Long-Term Disability Canada

DEFINITION:Long-term disability in Canada refers to a type of insurance coverage that provides income replacement benefits to individuals who are unable to work due to a prolonged illness, injury, or disability.


1. Am I still employed while on long-term disability in Canada?
No, when you are on long-term disability in Canada, you are typically no longer considered actively employed by your employer. However, the terms may vary depending on your specific employment contract or collective agreement.

2. Will my employer continue to provide benefits while I am on long-term disability?
In most cases, your employer will not provide benefits while you are on long-term disability. However, consultations with your employer’s human resources department or review of your employer’s benefits policy can help determine if any specific benefits are still applicable.

3. Can my employer terminate my employment while I am on long-term disability?
While on long-term disability, your employer generally cannot terminate your employment solely because of your disability. However, if your absence becomes prolonged and it is clear that you may no longer be able to fulfill your job duties in the foreseeable future, your employer may be able to terminate your employment on reasonable grounds.

4. Do I need to actively look for new employment while on long-term disability?
No, while on long-term disability, you are generally not required to actively look for new employment. The focus should be on your recovery and returning to work when medically feasible.

5. Will I continue to accrue vacation time while on long-term disability?
Typically, vacation time does not accrue while on long-term disability in Canada. However, it is essential to review the specific policies and procedures outlined by your employer to confirm this.

6. Can I work part-time while on long-term disability in Canada?
In most cases, if you are receiving long-term disability benefits, you are not permitted to work part-time or engage in any employment that would generate income. This is to ensure that the level of your disability is consistent with your inability to work.

7. Do I have to pay taxes on long-term disability benefits in Canada?
Long-term disability benefits received in Canada may be subject to taxation. Consult with a tax professional or refer to information provided by the Canada Revenue Agency to determine your tax obligations based on your specific circumstances.