Canada Disability Supplement

DEFINITION:Canada Disability Supplement

The Canada Disability Supplement (CDS) is a financial support program provided by the Government of Canada for individuals with disabilities. It is designed to assist disabled individuals by supplementing their income and helping them meet their basic needs.


1. What is the purpose of the Canada Disability Supplement?
The purpose of the Canada Disability Supplement is to provide additional financial assistance to individuals with disabilities, helping them cover their living expenses and improve their overall quality of life.

2. Who is eligible for the Canada Disability Supplement?
To be eligible for the Canada Disability Supplement, individuals must meet certain criteria set by the government, including having a recognized disability and meeting specific income requirements. The eligibility requirements may vary depending on the province or territory.

3. How can I apply for the Canada Disability Supplement?
To apply for the Canada Disability Supplement, individuals can contact the government’s designated disability support agency in their province or territory. They will provide the necessary forms and guidance on the application process.

4. Is the Canada Disability Supplement a taxable benefit?
Yes, the Canada Disability Supplement is considered a taxable benefit. Recipients of the supplement are required to report the amount received in their annual income tax return. However, certain deductions and credits may be available to eligible individuals to help reduce the tax burden.

5. How much financial assistance does the Canada Disability Supplement provide?
The amount of financial assistance provided by the Canada Disability Supplement varies depending on factors such as the individual’s income, family status, and the severity of their disability. The specific amount is determined based on a review of the applicant’s circumstances.

6. Can I receive other government benefits while receiving the Canada Disability Supplement?
Yes, individuals receiving the Canada Disability Supplement may still be eligible to receive other government benefits and supports, such as the Canada Pension Plan Disability Benefits or the Ontario Disability Support Program. It is important to review the eligibility criteria and regulations for each program separately.

7. Can the Canada Disability Supplement be discontinued?
The Canada Disability Supplement can be discontinued if the recipient’s circumstances change, such as an improvement in their disability or a change in income that no longer qualifies them for the supplement. Recipients are required to report any changes in their circumstances to the appropriate agency to ensure ongoing eligibility and proper financial assistance.