Canada Life Disability Insurance Reviews

Canada Life Disability Insurance is a type of insurance coverage provided by Canada Life, a leading insurance company in Canada. It is designed to provide financial protection to individuals who become disabled and are unable to work due to illness or injury. This insurance policy provides a monthly income to help cover living expenses and maintain a certain standard of living during such difficult times.


1. What does Canada Life Disability Insurance cover?
Canada Life Disability Insurance covers a wide range of disabilities that prevent individuals from engaging in their occupation. This includes both physical and mental disabilities that render the insured unable to work and earn an income.

2. How long does the disability benefit last?
The duration of the disability benefit varies depending on the policy terms and conditions chosen by the insured. It can be as short as a few months or as long as until retirement age, depending on the specific policy.

3. Can I choose the amount of disability benefit I receive?
Yes, you can select the amount of disability benefit you wish to receive when purchasing the Canada Life Disability Insurance policy. The benefit amount is typically based on a percentage of your pre-disability income.

4. When can I make a claim for disability benefits?
You can make a claim for disability benefits once you have met the waiting period specified in your policy. The waiting period is usually a certain number of days after the start of the disability, during which no benefits are payable.

5. Is there a medical examination required to qualify for disability insurance?
The requirements for medical examinations may vary depending on the policy and the insured individual’s health history. Some policies do require medical examinations or review of medical records to determine eligibility and coverage.

6. Can I increase or decrease my disability insurance coverage over time?
Yes, you can generally modify your disability insurance coverage over time to suit your changing needs. You may be able to increase or decrease the coverage amount or adjust other policy terms, subject to the terms and conditions set by Canada Life.

7. How long does it take for a disability claim to get approved?
The time it takes for a disability claim to be approved can vary depending on the complexity of the claim and the availability of supporting documentation. However, Canada Life strives to process claims efficiently and provide timely responses to insured individuals.