Canada Life Short-Term Disability Waiting Period

DEFINITION:Canada Life Short-Term Disability Waiting Period: The period of time that an individual must wait after becoming disabled before they are eligible to receive short-term disability benefits from Canada Life.


1. What is the purpose of the waiting period for Canada Life short-term disability?
The waiting period serves as a predetermined timeframe that allows Canada Life to assess the validity of a disability claim and ensure that the individual’s disability is expected to last beyond the waiting period.

2. How long is the waiting period for Canada Life short-term disability?
The length of the waiting period can vary depending on the specific policy, but it typically ranges from 7 to 14 calendar days.

3. Does the waiting period include weekends and holidays?
Yes, the waiting period for Canada Life short-term disability generally includes weekends and holidays unless otherwise specified in the policy.

4. Do I need to serve a waiting period for every disability claim?
No, the waiting period is typically a one-time requirement. Once you have satisfied the waiting period for a specific disability, you will not have to serve it again for subsequent disabilities during the same policy period.

5. Can the waiting period be waived under certain circumstances?
In some cases, such as with accidental injuries, the waiting period may be waived, and you may become eligible for short-term disability benefits immediately. However, this could vary depending on the terms of your specific policy.

6. Can I use sick leave or other paid time off during the waiting period?
Yes, if you have access to sick leave or other paid time off that can cover the waiting period, you may use it to ensure a continued income flow until your short-term disability benefits become effective.

7. Are there any exceptions to the waiting period for pre-existing conditions?
If your disability is a result of a pre-existing condition, the waiting period may be extended or modified according to the terms of your policy. It is crucial to review your specific policy to understand how the waiting period applies in such cases.