Canada Pension Disability

Canada Pension Disability (CPP-D): The Canada Pension Disability program, also known as CPP-D, is a financial assistance program provided by the Government of Canada. It aims to support individuals who have a severe and prolonged disability that prevents them from working and earning a sufficient income.


1. What is the eligibility criteria for CPP-D?
To be eligible for CPP-D, you must have made enough contributions to the Canada Pension Plan (CPP) while working. Additionally, you must have a severe and prolonged disability (physical or mental) that restricts your ability to work.

2. How do I apply for CPP-D benefits?
To apply for CPP-D benefits, you can complete the CPP-D application package, which includes various forms and documents, and submit it to Service Canada. You can obtain the application package online or by visiting a Service Canada office.

3. Can I work while receiving CPP-D benefits?
Yes, you can work while receiving CPP-D benefits; however, there are specific rules and limitations. The income you earn may affect the amount of your CPP-D payment. It is recommended to consult with Service Canada or a disability support organization to understand the specific guidelines.

4. What is the payment amount for CPP-D?
The payment amount for CPP-D is based on your earnings during your working years and your contributions to the CPP. The maximum monthly payment amount is dependent on the average maximum pensionable earnings, as determined by the Government of Canada.

5. Is CPP-D taxable?
Yes, CPP-D benefits are considered taxable income. A portion of the benefits may be subject to federal and provincial income tax, depending on your overall income and tax bracket. Service Canada provides a T4A slip at the end of each year, indicating the amount of CPP-D benefits received.

6. Can I appeal a decision if my CPP-D application is denied?
Yes, if your CPP-D application is denied, you have the right to appeal the decision. You can request reconsideration within a specific timeframe and submit additional information or documentation to support your appeal. If the reconsideration is unsuccessful, you may pursue further appeals through the Social Security Tribunal.

7. Are there other disability benefit programs available in Canada besides CPP-D?
Yes, besides CPP-D, there are other disability benefit programs available in Canada. These include provincial or territorial social assistance programs, workplace disability insurance, veterans’ disability benefits, and programs offered by non-governmental organizations. Each program has its eligibility criteria and benefits, so it is advisable to explore all options.