Canada Pension Plan Disability Benefit

DEFINITION:Canada Pension Plan Disability Benefit (CPP-D) refers to a monthly payment provided to individuals who have contributed to the Canada Pension Plan (CPP) and are unable to work due to a severe and prolonged disability. It aims to provide financial assistance to those who are unable to support themselves and their families due to their disability.


1. What is the purpose of the Canada Pension Plan Disability Benefit?
The CPP-D benefit is designed to provide financial support to individuals who are unable to work due to a severe and prolonged disability, ensuring they have a stable income to cover their basic needs.

2. Who is eligible to receive CPP-D benefits?
To be eligible for CPP-D benefits, you must have made enough contributions to the Canada Pension Plan, have a severe and prolonged disability that prevents you from working, and be under the age of 65.

3. How is the severity of a disability determined?
The severity of a disability is determined by the individual’s ability to carry out daily activities or their capacity to work. Medical evidence and supporting documentation are typically required to establish the nature and extent of the disability.

4. What is considered a “prolonged” disability?
A disability is considered prolonged if it is likely to continue for a long period or is expected to result in death. It should last, or be expected to last, for at least one year or more.

5. How much can I receive through CPP-D benefits?
The amount you receive through CPP-D benefits depends on your previous contributions to the Canada Pension Plan. The average monthly payment in 2021 is approximately $1,091.07, but it can vary based on individual circumstances.

6. Can I receive CPP-D benefits while working part-time?
Under certain circumstances, you may be eligible for CPP-D benefits while working part-time. However, there are income limits you must not exceed, and your continued eligibility will depend on the severity of your disability and your ability to work.

7. Can I apply for CPP-D benefits if I am already receiving other disability benefits?
Yes, you can still apply for CPP-D benefits even if you are receiving other forms of disability benefits. However, the eligibility criteria and payment amounts may vary depending on the specific program and its requirements.